General Manager’s Report

October/November, 2000



Management Report 3

Technical Report 8

Financial Report 9

New/Outstanding Issues11

Project Updates

Of the three projects highlighted in the last General Manger’s Report. One is complete, the one is in the final phase of testing, the third in the final stages of development.

Professional License Renewal —

Rapid Renewal —

Interactive Corporations Service

Subscriber Renewals

We are sending out renewal notices for those subscribers who have been with us for a year. WE are monitoring our statistics for renewals and may use this group to do some additional customer satisfaction surveying.

IF&W Storefront

InforME has had several successful meetings with IF&W to accelerate the completion of the SLA. The electronic storefront is nearly complete where users will be able to purchase hunting and fishing merchandise as well as hunting and fishing licenses.


The InforME offices are expanding, both in size and space. Our office building in downtown Augusta has a lower level open for expansion. At 9 staff members, we were very crowded in our current space. Since we are now expanding to 10, we need additional space. Also, NIC has requested that we host some of the new staff in training. The office expansion should be complete by January 2001.

Organizational Chart Update

At this month’s meeting, an updated organizational chart of InforME will be shared with the Board. The item came up for discussion last month, so we thought the Board would appreciate an update on a visual representation of our current staff.





Customer Service

InforME will be generating three reports based on three customer surveys. Each survey targets a specific customer base. Our customer groups are State web portal visitors

(, Agency partners, and eGov subscribers. This month we will complete the report on the level of satisfaction of the State web portal visitors. This

report will be based on the portal feedback forms.

As a service to Maine licensed professionals, InforME researching the possibility of conducting a telemarketing outreach campaign to notify professionals of the online renewal resource.

We continue to offer state webmasters on site Adobe GoLive training upon request.

Web Design Projects

Office of Licensing and Registration

This new website has been launched and the first renewal transaction was successful. We continue to fine tune details at the agency’s request. Phase II, "find a licensed professional", discussions have been completed and project steps defined. However, the issue of privacy has halted development of phase II for the time being.

Department of Professional and Financial Regulation

We have met with each of the four bureaus to discuss the template and to receive feedback for revisions. Revisions have been completed. We are waiting on further feedback from Department. We continue to revise and review.

The Department of Public Safety – Bureau of Drug Enforcement

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held, followed by the project quote and its acceptance. Team will begin work on this piece.

The Department of Public Safety – E911

The website launched November 13th.

The Department of Public Safety – Fire Marshall

Initial meeting with the agency team has been held. Agency team has begun their initial work on information gathering.

The Department of Public Safety—EMS

The estimated delivery and cost quote has been delivered to agency and accepted. Work will begin shortly.

Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP)

The website template is complete. Training and sign off are expected shortly.

Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health – WIC Program

Met with WIC program team to continue consultation phase.

Department of Accounts and Control

Department of Conservation

Website is in its final design phase before being given to the Department team to content fill.

Department of Conservation, Fall Foliage website (free)

Fall foliage was a big success this year with ample positive feedback from website visitors.

Department of Conservation, Parks.

Initial meeting held with Department team.

Department of Education, Facilities and Management

Initial meeting to discuss redesign completed. Agency team is gathering information.

Virtual Tour of the Blaine House

All day photography session has been temporarily postponed; we are waiting on an equipment order.

Maine Arts Commission

We have met with the Maine Arts Commission to discuss the redesign of their current website. The Commission team is completing the workbook.

Maine State Museum

Discussion phase to complete:

Other design/prototype projects

IF&W Storefront

Interactive Corporations Search

Annual Report

Other Meeting and Engagements

10/10/00 — Met with Secretary of State staff to create a marketing plan for the new CEC services as they are delivered.

10/11/00 — Partnered with Coordinated School Health Program to display the new website designed by InforME at the Maine Health Conference.

10/12/00 – Maine Business Expo – participated in a tradeshow serving businesses in Maine.

10/13/00 — Visited the Waterville city hall to continue Rapid Renewal training

10/17/00 — State Webmaster Group Meeting — coordinated guest speaker to cover the topic of ADA compliancy with web design.

10/18-10/20 — Maine Municipal Association Conference — assisted Secretary Gwadosky and office with presentation and demonstration of the Rapid Renewal Service.

10/19/00 – Maine Association of Realtors Meeting – presentation & demonstration of Professional License Renewal.

10/24/00 — Met with Violation team to discuss the FRS

10/27/00 — Met with State Treasures and American Express representative to discuss merchant fees and the possibility of a contract with American Express that would consider the State and InforME in one contract.

11/1/00 – Maine Bankers/Lawyers Revised Article 9 meeting – meeting was sponsored by the Secretary of State’s office. InforME was invited to display to familiarize these user groups with upcoming services.

11/9/00 – Community Bankers Association — presentation to retail lending committee







Technical Projects











Respectfully Submitted,

Tamara Dukes

Network General Manager