General Manager’s Report

December, 2000/January, 2001



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Three Major Project Launches – Publicity HIghlights

Upon the completion of three of our major initiatives, InforME enjoyed quite a run of publicity profiles at the end of the year 2000.  Two major achievements were the reason for much of the attention.


·          “First” inter-branch eCommerce application – as we researched the possibility of staking this claim, we received more and more affirmation that Rapid Renewal is truly an exceptional first at jumping jurisdictional boundaries by transacting with two branches of government in one application.

·          “Most” license types available to be renewed online.  With OLR’s new portal-within-a-portal, 95 license types were put online at once, nearly three times more than any other state.


This publicity represents the beginning of a continued push by InforME to bring services to the attention of the media and therefore to potential users. 


The Importance of Planning

Writing the Annual Report, we realized that all the goals we set for ourselves in the year 2000 were not only met but also exceeded.  The lesson we take from that experience is to plan carefully and set goals for next year as well.  Both the technical plan and marketing plan will be shared with the Board.


We also want to assist the Board in updating the Strategic Plan to accommodate for met goals and future endeavors.


Two More Big Services in Development

Our attention will be concentrated upon two major services we will be rolling out hopefully in the first quarter of 2001:  QuickTik and Interactive Corporations and UCC records.  Interest in both these services is very high.  They will both be challenging for us in that each requires a new technology for us.  Interactive Corporations has been developed in Java and requires additional development tools to be installed and utilized.  QuickTik will be our first IVR (Interactive Voice Response) application.  We have been doing quite a bit of behind the scenes work to prepare for these two applications and look forward to the testing and launch of the programs.






Customer Service


The marketing team has been contacting current subscribers to remind them to renew their InforME subscription, as well as to guage customer satisfaction. 


The marketing team is also preparing to make telephone contact with all licensed accountants in Maine up for renewal in January and February to notify them of the new online renewal service through the Office of Licensing and Registration’s website.


The Design department continues to offer state webmasters on site Adobe GoLive training upon request.


Ongoing phone and web helpdesk services provided to state and citizens.


Provided a Macromedia Flash training to the state web master group. The training was conducted by iSet, a design educational company based in Portland.


Web Design Projects


Launched Websites:


Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Online Store

Successfully launched December 1, 2000. Website can be viewed at


Department of Conservation

Successfully launched January 2, 2001. Website can be viewed at


Coordinated School Health Program (CSHP)

Successfully launched, January 5, 2001. Website can be viewed at


Department of Accounts and Control

MSECCA website successfully launched. Web site can be viewed at


Phase I: Initiation and Project Definition:


The Department of Public Safety — Bureau of Drug Enforcement

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held, followed by the project quote and its acceptance. The Bureau team will complete the workbook.


The Department of Public Safety — Fire Marshall

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held. Team will complete the workbook.


The Department of Public Safety-Highway Safety

Initial information gathering with the team has been held. Project quote being drafted.


Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health — WIC Program

The Department team is completing the workbook.


Department of Accounts and Control

Department team is completing the workbook.


Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands Accessibility web site

Department team is completing the workbook.


Maine Arts Commission

We have met with the Maine Arts Commission to discuss the redesign of their current website. The Commission team is completing the workbook.


Judicial Branch

Initial discussion on web site re-design for the Maine Courts website. Team is gathering to meet and complete the workbook in a facilitated manner.


Phase II: Design and Revisions


Department of Professional and Financial Regulation

We have revised the color scheme from the original template design, and continue to define the look and feel as well as the functionality of this website re-design.


Department of Professional and Financial Regulation – Bureau websites

Working with individual Bureaus to define color schemes and navigation.


Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands

Information and site map phase complete; technical specs outlined; estimated cost quote being drafted.


Governor’s website

Projects in progress include:

·        Web form;

·        Scheduling of photo shoot for the making of the Blaine House Virtual Tour.


Maine State Museum


Maine Board of Higher Education

Met with Director to discuss plans to design a web portal to promote Maine Higher Education in Maine. Project quote being drafted.


Maine InfoNet

Maine Library System Portal web site design being revised. 



Phase III: Content and Testing


The Department of Public Safety–EMS

The web site is in its final revision phase and is expected to launch within the month of January.


Other design projects


QuikTik Violations Payment prototype

Annual Report

Electronic Newsletter


Other Meeting and Engagements


11/16/00:  Maine Trial Lawyers Association Meeting.


11/21/00:  Webmaster Group Meeting and training. 


12/18/00:  Press Conference in partnership with Governor King to promote the OLR professional licensing renewal application. 


12/18/00:  Holiday gathering for the staff of InforME and the year 2000 eGovernment project partners.


1/5/01: Website consultation offered to the Systems Infrastructure Development Initiative.




























·        Project Matrix

·        Revised Privacy Statement v2

·        InforME Strategic Plan






Respectfully Submitted,


Tamara Dukes

Network General Manager