General Manager’s Report

February/March, 2001



Management Report 3

Technical Report 7

New/Outstanding Issues 10

Rapid Renewal Pilot Successful — Expansion beginning

Adoption rates for the Rapid Renewal Program are far above projections and may even be record-setting for a new eGovernment service. The first month we achieved a 5% adoption rate, the second month jumped to 6.2%. We have increased total revenue every month, and have received many positive feedback messages.

Seventeen new municipalities have submitted applications to the Secretary of State’s office. These towns are looking to join the program in the coming months.

Several Rapid Renewal presentations and demonstrations have been given so far, with many more to come, including three MMA (Maine Municipal Association) meetings as well as a national feature presentation at the ICMA (International City/County Management Association) Best Practices Symposium in Newport, RI at the end of April.

One Market Square office expansion

As we may have mentioned, we are delighted to be able to get some new breathing room in our office in downtown Augusta. Our development team has been living in some tight quarters, but since our landlord is building out the ground level of the building, we will be taking advantage of the some of that space. Once it’s finished, we’d love for you to stop by and see our less crowded office, and happier developers. We hope the work will be done April 1st.

New Organizational Chart

We have re-structured our team into three distinct groups now: marketing, development, and creative services. This is a trend that has been taking place in many of the networks across the country. You will notice two new names on our org chart: Kelly Hokkannen, our new site architect who will be running the creative services department, and Shaye Robbins, our new Director of Marketing. Absent from this revised chart is Carrie Gott, who has been offered the position of Director of Portal Operations in Rhode Island, should NIC be able to successfully procure a contract in that state subject to the recent award. Carrie has been a terrific team player at InforME and we know she will do a great job in her new position. (New org chart will be passed out at meeting).

Customer Service

The marketing team has continued its telemarketing to current subscribers to remind them to renew their InforME subscription, as well as to gage customer satisfaction.

The marketing team is also preparing to send out postcard reminders to all Barbers and Cosmetologists up for license renewal in April to them of the new online renewal service through the Office of Licensing and Registration’s website.

The Design department continues to offer state webmasters on site Adobe GoLive or Macromedia Dreamweaver training upon request.

Ongoing phone and web helpdesk services provided to state and citizens.

Web Design Projects

Department of Professional and Financial Regulation

PFR website was successfully launched in February.

Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Emergency Medical Service

EMS website was successfully launched in February.

Phase I: Initiation and Project Definition:

The Department of Public Safety – Fire Marshall

Initial information gathering with the agency team has been held. Team will complete the workbook.

The Department of Public Safety-Highway Safety

Initial information gathering with the team has been held. Project quote drafted.

Department of Accounts and Control

Department team is completing the workbook.

Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands Accessibility web site

Department team is completing the workbook.

PFR, Board of Nursing

Initial meeting held. Drafting estimated price quote.

Maine Arts Commission

We have met with the Maine Arts Commission to discuss the redesign of their current website. The Commission team is completing the workbook.

Maine Board of Higher Education Website

Met with Director to discuss plans to design a web portal to promote Maine Higher Education in Maine. Project quote drafted, waiting on acceptance.

Maine State Museum, Friends, Museum Without Walls website project

Initial meeting held to discuss three web projects including:

Estimated price quote delivered.

Phase II: Design and Revisions

Department of Conservation, Bureau of Parks and Lands

Information and site map phase complete; technical specs outlined; estimated cost quote being drafted.

Quote accepted.

Prototype developed.

Final revisions are being made to the Bureau web site prototype. Currently, photo images are being gathered and a searchable database is being designed and built for enhanced access to information.

The Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Drug Enforcement

Initial meeting completed.

Quote accepted.

First draft of web mockup completed. Waiting on feedback.

Maine Judicial Branch

Initial discussion on web site re-design for the Maine Courts website. Team is gathering to meet and complete the workbook in a facilitated manner. Estimated price quote accepted and design work has begun.

Governor’s website

Projects in progress include:

Maine State Museum

Storefront design and shopping cart development (SLA necessary)

Department of Human Services, Bureau of Health – WIC Program

Drafted estimated price quote.

Quote accepted.

Department team has met.

Design prototype will be delivered March 22nd.

Department of Labor, Consensus Process web site

Initial meeting held.

Workbook complete.

Estimated price quote drafted.

Quote accepted.

Phase III: Content and Testing

Department of Professional and Financial Regulation — Bureau websites (4)

Building templates for the PFR bureau web sites. Conducted two day Dreamweaver training seminar. Waiting on final sign off and content.

Maine State Museum

Layout and look and feel accepted; building website.

Other design projects

QuikTix Violations Payment prototype revisions

OLR phase II: find a licensed professional prototype

Service demos

CEC, Corporate Interactive information pieces.

Other Meeting and Engagements

01/10/01: Lunch with Chris Lockwood, Executive Director of MMA

01/12/01: Presentation to Southern Maine Association of Municipal Finance Directors — co-presented with Rebecca Wyke. Meeting was well attended.

01/16/01: Webmaster Group Meeting ADA policy discussions.

01/25/01: "eGovernment press conference" sponsored by Governor King and the Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky, at which three major eGov services were featured with live demos, including Mary Herman renewing her vehicle registration online, the Governor purchasing an IF&W hunting and fishing license online, and a licensed professional renewing her license online.

01/26/01: Maine Bar Association Convention. Both presented and manned the InforME booth.

01/30/01: Meeting with Maine Auto Dealers Association

02/01/01: Meeting with Janet Waldron, Dick Hinkley, and others regarding web forms and other eGovernment initiatives.

02/02/01: Rapid Renewal presentation for the Maine Town & City Managers Association — other panelists were Cathy Curtis of the BMV and Steve Tuckerman, Town Mgr for Hermon.

02/3, 4, 5/01: National Association of Secretaries of State, Washington, DC

02/05/01: Meeting with Congressman John Baldacci’s staff member, Joy Leach in Washington DC

02/15/01: Meeting with the Maine Motor Transport Association.

02/21/01: Website consultation offered to the Department of Economic and Community Development.

02/26/01: Rapid Renewal Presentation to South Portland City Council

03/08/01: Facilitate Accessible Recreation committee to create a portal page.