March 13, 2002
InforME Board Meeting

Members Present
John Eldridge
Dick Hinkley
Dick Davies
Jaynie Higgins
Gary Nichols
Wayne Gallant (proxy for Jeff Harmon)
Tamara Dukes
Marilyn Lutz
Cindy Butts

Harry Lanphear, CIO
Becky Wyke, Deputy Secretary of State
Joan Gammon, InforME
Todd Tolhurst, InforME
Shaye Robbins, InforME
Kelly Hokkanen, InforME

Meeting Opens
In absence of the Board Chair, the Board agrees for Becky Wyke, Deputy Secretary of State, to chair the meeting.

Agenda reviewed.

For Board Approval:

SLA Extension Document

This document will be used for current executed SLAs that are co-terminus with the master contract. The only change for those SLAs is the term. If the Board approves this document, it will eliminate the need to bring each extension to the Board individually where they�ve already agreed to the language of each.

The force of the master contract being terminated should terminate all agreements subordinate to it. Language in SLA extension document should reflect that it is co-terminus with the Master Contract. Board recommends a change in fourth line to remove "or NEI" and same change in SLA draft.

Action: Board votes unanimously to approve the document with the above amendments and latitude to come up with the language change regarding the SLAs being co-terminus with the Master Contract.

Revised SLA

The State purchasing office advised that the SLA should include �NEI� along with "the portal. If necessary, that can be reviewed with Purchasing.

· Add "New England Interactive (NEI)" and "InforME (hereafter "the Portal")" to beginning of document
· Page 8: collections: "totally responsible except..." In the exception, specify what the responsibility of the agency is. Lay out more clearly what InforME is responsible for and what the agency is. The Board agrees to the following change: Take out "except" and replace "but shall not be responsible for collection..." at end of sentence.
· Page 2: Sec 2: recommend adding definition of �Portal�. The Board is comfortable leaving this to Tamara Dukes and Dick Hinkley to work out.
· Sec 3: should read "master contract" not "master agreement".
· Page 7: Hosting section 3 & 4: excludes equipment malfunction - is this taken care of by redundancy in section 3 - are those sentences in conflict? There is a difference between hosting and redundancy for static content vs. for services. The Board agrees no change needs to be made here.

Action: The Board unanimously votes to accept the template with amendments the Board has recommended.

SLA Riders

The content of the Riders are dynamic and should not be a part of the SLA. It will be a policy to share these documents in the form of a brochure with agencies with whom there is an SLA though not incorporating the documents into the SLA itself. The Riders can be added in Schedule A if they need to be part of the agreement. To make agencies aware of the services we provide, we can include a clause at end of the SLA that states that InforME has attached a current brochure describing other fee and free services available. Rider C regarding hosting services will not be included in the brochure. Tamara Dukes and Dick Hinkley will review outside of the meeting.

Action: Board votes unanimously to accept boilerplate for Riders to SLA, changing them to be part of a brochure, and to add a clause to the SLA itself referring to the brochure attached. The brochure would include the Other Services offered by InforME and that information can be dynamic.

Schedule B of Secretary of State�s Office SLA
Reflects new services InforME will be doing with the SOS Office.

· Interactive Corporate Record Filings (Annual Reports): Price is the same as paper filing. Service will launch in April 2002.
· Bulk filings: For service bureaus that file on behalf of other entities.

This filing service is a significant customer convenience. This will allow filing to be much more efficient for both customers and the SOS office.

Action: The Board voted unanimously to approve Schedule B of the Secretary of State�s SLA.

Review of Interim General Manager�s Report

There has been a lot of activity related to the portal including planning for revisions and user testing. We will share more with the Board next month about our planned changes.

PayTixx is in beta. This is our first public IVR and Web application. 133 tickets paid since March 1, with no advertising/marketing as of yet. More are paying by IVR (about twice as much). Troop G will be handing out brochures with every ticket starting next week.

InforME is participating in two new committees of the ISPB - the EGov committee and the Privacy and Security Committee. The EGov committee is planning a conference for July for state agency managers, and working with InforME to develop a toolkit - it has an educational focus. The Branding Committee of this group also met yesterday, including Harry Lanphear, Cindy Butts, Jaynie Higgins, and members of the InforME team. The committee feels strongly about adopting ��, both for branding and URL. Question asked regarding whether InforME should become InforME is in the statute so it may require legislative change to change the agency name. This will be a continuing discussion in future meetings about specific decisions that need to be made.

On Tuesday we will be presenting at the Maine Municipal Association technology conference and we are really looking forward to that. We will be demonstrating how manual towns can now participate in Rapid Renewal. We have just completed the programming to allow this.

Linda Monica announced her resignation from the Board. The Secretary of State, as Chair, thanked her for her service to the Board. The Governor appointed Mel Morrison to the Board to represent the Banking community and hopefully he will join us next month.

Security Issue
We put together a document of InforME Subscriber Account Security and Anti-Fraud Procedures and Recommendations. This gives subscribers suggestions for monitoring use of user accounts and makes sure they understand their responsibilities.

Aside from BMV data, the information is public and there is no specific penalty. The document suggests that organizations develop their own code of conduct or penalties. Perhaps add emphasis that they are responsible for all charges made on their account.
There are other items in here that are specific only to BMV.

Action: InforME staff will create two different versions of this document for BMV and non-BMV. The suggestions are going to be included in the InforME subscriber newsletter making them available online.

Expiration of passwords
InforME proposes a couple of options: 1) go through subscriber accounts and expire user IDs that haven't been used in a year; 2) force password changes annually.

Board generally agrees with these steps. Periodic expiration would be automated. Subscriber companies can choose to change passwords more often than that if they choose. Could allow online change of passwords using an online form - or allow them to select a schedule of expirations that is more frequent (also automated). Need to also know who the valid users are as well. This would be done along with the annual subscription renewals. In other states there is a single administrator for each subscriber account who manages the list of all users on their account. Board recommends making the review and approval of all user IDs part of the annual subscriber renewal. Tamara Dukes and Dick Hinkley will discuss possible expiration periods and prepare a proposal for the Board.


Next meeting: April 10, 1-3 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned
3:15 p.m.