April 10, 2002
InforME Board Meeting

Members Present
Dan Gwadosky
Ann Schink
Rudy Naples
Dick Hinkley
Dick Davies
Rick Record
Deb Carson
Jaynie Higgins
Tamara Dukes
Marilyn Lutz
Jeff Harmon

Others Present:
Becky Wyke, Deputy Secretary of State
Sarah Walton, Freedom of Information Coalition
Joan Gammon, InforME
Todd Tolhurst, InforME
Shaye Robbins, InforME

Meeting Opens
Chair welcomed Board members and began the meeting.

Agenda reviewed.

SLA Extension Document & SLA Template
Review of changes made to these two documents as recommended by the Board in last meeting.

Recommended to add a footer to each SLA for identification purposes.

Dick Hinkley will forward his recommendations for the footer which will then be added to the SLA Template & Extension Document Template.

Secretary of State�s Office SLA
Reviewed changes to document.

Though there have been additional services added, there is no change from the current relationship between the Secretary of State�s office and InforME.

Secretary Gwadosky stated for the record that his office has been extraordinarily pleased with their relationship with InforME; a relationship which has allowed his office to provide services that they had hardly imagined possible prior to InforME. In addition, one of the residual effects of the relationship is that his employees have begun to think differently about government and, all across Maine government, employees are beginning to understand what is possible.

Action: Board votes unanimously to accept Secretary of State SLA.

Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife SLA
Review of changes to document.

The primary change in the document is that fulfillment of hunting and fishing licenses by InforME staff has been eliminated. The SLA represents an end to paper-processing for online hunting and fishing licenses. Once MOSES goes into effect, an adjustment will be made to the funds flow for hunting and fishing which will be brought to the Board for approval prior to implementation. In addition, IF&W is planning additional online applications such as ATV and snowmobile registrations. For these applications, there are some requirements that need to be addressed by IF&W, however, they anticipate within the year to be back to see how InforME can assist with these applications.

Action: The Board voted unanimously to approve the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife SLA.

Interim Contract Extension Document for NEI Contract
Review of Extension Document which extends the NEI master contract for a period of one month.

The Contract Renewal is basically complete, however, both the State and NEI would like to take time to ensure it is properly updated to encompass the e-government and technology changes that have taken place over the last three years. The Interim Contract Extension document has been approved and executed by the Contract Review Committee and is currently in Accounts and Controls awaiting the proper stamps.

Action: The Board voted unanimously to approve the Interim Contract Extension Document.

Portal Update Ideas
Review of potential modifications/updates to the portal.

There are several enhancements to the portal that are being considered as a result of recent user testing. An example of these enhancements include an online central State newsletter application, discussion boards, tourism features, and more citizen-centric categories. In addition, the portal has launched a photo contest where citizens and visitors to the State of Maine can submit their Maine photos. Winners will be highlighted on the portal homepage throughout the various seasons. Specific contest rules can be accessed from the portal�s homepage.

Kelly Hokkanen, InforME�s Creative Services Director, will share her report on the user testing at the next meeting.

Demonstration of the Paytixx Application: Web and IVR

Demonstration of Annual Reports Online Filing Application


Next meetings:
May 13, 2002
June 5, 2002
Both meetings will begin at 1 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned
3:10 p.m.