June 5, 2002
InforME Board Meeting

Members Present:
Dan Gwadosky
Rudy Naples
Anne Schink
Tamara Dukes
Dick Hinkley
Jaynie Higgins

Others Present:
Harry Lanphear, CIO
Joan Gammon, InforME
Kelly Hokkanen, InforME
Tiffany Glidden, InforME
Domna Giatis, Office of the Secretary of State
Sarah Walton, Freedom of Information Coalition

Meeting Opens
Chair welcomed Board members and began the meeting

Agenda reviewed.

InforME Organizational Chart
Review of updated InforME organizational chart.

Mileage Reimbursement
Mileage reimbursement for non-state employee Board members will increase to $.365 per mile to mirror the Federal rate.

Contract Amendment
Update on status of contract amendment.

At the last Board meeting, the extension was approved for 60 days (July 14). There have been several evolutions in technology, etc. over the last three years that need to be reflected in the wording of the amendment.

Items to be changed in the Amendment:
1. Contract administrator changed from previous Director to present Director.
2. Definition of portal added.
3. Bonding requirement will be released in lieu of better coverage by insurance.
4. Irrevocable Letter of Credit in discussion.
5. Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan will be presented within 90 days for Board approval and approval by the State.
6. Language around the monitoring of performance, tolerance levels and material failures consistent with the State�s policies.
7. Software license providing the State with a perpetual �for-use only� software license.
8. Release of NEI from Escrow requirement.

BIS will draft an amendment for review by NEI�s legal department. The amendment will then be presented to Purchases to review and approve and to the Board for approval at the July meeting. BIS will make the amendment document available to the NEI legal department two weeks prior to it being sent to the Board members on July 3rd for their review prior to the July 10 meeting.

Project Report:
InforME shared is report of upcoming projects and projects in the discussion and planning stages with the Board for review.

InforME should present to the ISMG to educate them on how they could work with InforME and to demonstrate the work performed in other NIC states.

The CIO�s office and InforME will coordinate getting InforME on the agenda of a future ISMG meeting. The InforME staff will supply the Board with a copy of the revised InforME workbook.

Scheduling of summer meetings.

Summer meeting schedule has traditionally taken a month or two off in the summer in consideration of Board vacation schedules.

The meeting schedule for this summer was agreed by the Board to be as follows:
§ July 10 (a quorum is required for this meeting)
§ August - no meeting
§ September 18

Department of Environmental Protection�s new Ozone/Air Quality Interactive website
Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife�s new Online Any Deer Application

Regarding the Board�s opinion of the State of Maine moving to the new Internet brand of �Maine.gov�

The Board unanimously supports the Maine.gov initiative, its adoption on an enterprise level, and changing the official website of the State of Maine to Maine.gov.

Next meeting(s):
§ July 10 (a quorum is required for this meeting)
§ August - no meeting
§ September 18
All meetings are at 1 PM and located on the first floor of the Nash School Building, Augusta.

Meeting adjourned:
2:45 p.m