InforME Board Meeting
July 10, 2002

Members in Attendance
Dan Gwadosky
Cindy Butts
Gary Nichols
Dick Hinkley
Deb Carson
Wayne Gallant
Rudy Naples
Dick Davies
Jaynie Higgins
John Eldredge
Tamara Dukes

Others Present:
Becky Wyke
Joan Gammon, InforME
Kelly Hokkanen, InforME
Sarah Walton

Chair opens meeting and welcomes Board members.

I. GM Report

Discussion of launch of site.
Announcement of winning the site of the month award last week. This is the first NIC state to win since the first one over a year ago (Indiana). The feedback on the site has been very positive.

AnyDeer and Air Quality Forecasts launched. Rapid Renewal is up to 30 towns now. The SOS Office has been working to target the 15 largest towns who are not currently participating. Secretary Gwadosky sent personal letters to the towns and is calling them to encourage them to join.

Events & Marketing:
Participated in Bank Expo in Portland in May.

We are sending out another subscriber newsletter.

Creative services launched several larges site recently - Judicial Branch, Arts Commission, the portal, and small sites for oceanographic data and Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages.

June was a good month. The main reason for our increase in revenue is the CEC services. The annual reports filing deadline occurred in this period so there was a spike due to that. Vehicle renewals were high in this time period as well. We expect a bit of a slowdown in the next two months, typical for the season.

Request to provide more detail on the revenue and cost of revenue, especially delineating which services we declare on a net basis, and which on a gross/cost of sales basis.

Discussion of credit card fees for towns and relation to adoption rates. Once adoption is higher, the staff time from manual processes could be reduced and freed up for other things.

Request for a list of RR towns who do credit cards and those who do check-only. Show adoption rates for each.

Board praises the completion of so many projects in a short time.

II. Contract Amendment Approval
The Chair thanks everyone who put so much effort into doing this.

Review of amendment highlights:
· The term of the contract was renewed to July 2004.
· Definition of "portal" added.
· Lists the addition of the license agreement.
· Letter of Credit - an agreement was reached to establish an amount for transitional operating expenses and excluded other non-operating expenses.
· Insurance & Bonds - close to the original. If revenues exceed 1 million in any 30 day period, insurance coverage would be adjusted.
· Software
· Perpetual for-use only license is specified. The escrow process has also been changed. The software will be turned over to BIS quarterly for backup rather than escrowed. Associated documentation is also part of this license.
· Monthly and quarterly performance reports specified.
· Disaster Recovery - made more robust. The plan will be delivered within 90 days to the Board and Director of BIS.

These documents have been approved by Purchases.

Board votes unanimously to approve the amendment.

III. New SLA for Bulk Trademark Images Service for CEC
There is one customer, a national clearing house. We had the records but not the images as part of the bulk service. The images are priced the same as the database, $300.

Board votes unanimously to approve the SLA.

We discussed this earlier, but we also included in your packet a summary of portal statistics.

V. Workbooks
We provided copies of our eGov services and web design workbooks for each of you. These are updated frequently.

We are preparing an eGov toolkit for use at the upcoming eGov Conference.

Present copies of the toolkit to the Board at the September meeting.

Board asks to pass on appreciation of the Board for the work of the whole InforME staff.

Next Meeting:
No meeting in August.
September 18.
October 16 (are proposing a new date for this meeting)

Meeting adjourned:
2:30 p.m.