InforME Board Meeting
September 18, 2002

Members in Attendance
Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky
Tamara Dukes
Anne Schink
Marilyn Lutz
Dick Hinkley
Dick Davies
Rick Record
Elaine Stanley (for Gary Nichols)
Jaynie Higgins
Jeff Harmon
John Eldredge
Rudy Naples
Cindy Butts

Others Present
Becky Wyke, Chief Deputy, Office of Secretary of State
Greg Shea, Dept of Transportation
Carrie Gott, InforME
Kelly Hokkanen, InforME
Joan Gammon, InforME
Tiffany Glidden, InforME

Meeting Opens
Welcome by Becky Wyke on behalf of the Chair, who was delayed. Agenda reviewed.

I. General Manager�s Report

1. We are delighted to announce our award for Second Place in Best of the Web this year. We were told by the Center for Digital Government that the competition was even more challenging this year, with more entries and a higher standard of entries.
2. Brown University survey:
This annual survey/report is put together by one individual at Brown. Maine did not do well in this year's survey and we are reviewing that (34th overall). This survey looks more at all state agency websites, not just the portal. This leads us to start thinking again about setting some state website standards. A common header and/or footer, and some other basic standards would be helpful in achieving a higher overall standard across state sites. The CIO�s office has the appropriate role to impose some of these standards for the state.
3. Carrie Gott is back in Maine with us and will be the GM for Maine. Tamara will be taking on a more regional role within the company. Carrie left last May to start the RI portal (, which launched in December and is off to a very successful start. We want to thank Joan for the tremendous work she has done in the last year at InforME. She will be taking the management of our work in RI and NH.

Egovernment Conference in July:
The conference was excellent. Dan Gwadosky gave an amazing speech. We gave out the Egov Toolkit document as an introduction to e-government. InforME created this document in conjunction with the SOS and CIO offices.

The SOS Office thanks InforME for their significant contributions to the conference.

Portal Update:
Our fall photo contest recently ended and the winning photos will be posted on the portal this week as we change over for the fall season.

Follow-up from Last Meeting:
We have provided additional financial information in this GM Report in response to a request from the last meeting.

Question about Special Requests, discussion of how these requests work. We have no influence over the volume of these. They just fluctuate depending on the customers and the data.

Request to add a line of explanation when the bottom line on the detail doesn't match the number on the corporate report.

Rapid Renewal Update:
We've given you a list of the Rapid Renewal towns, with method of payment and adoption rate for each. The first manual town went live in August and we have launched two more since then.

Suggestion to consider changing the calculation of adoption rates for Rapid Renewal. The rates may actually be higher than what we�ve calculated because we've been caculating them using the total number of letters sent, rather than total renewals.

II. Department of Transportation SLA

Secretary Gwadosky and Greg Shea of the Department of Transportation presented the SLA, particularly schedule A.

· Aircraft registration will be structured to mirror Rapid Renewal and will provide another vehicle to market RRS. A few important towns for this service include Augusta and Wiscasset. Only 1,000 transactions are expected -- low volume, but good profile.
· A lot of people were physically coming to the office to turn in the registrations. It's a labor intensive process for the Department. They pay excise tax and there is a fee for the transaction. The $10 fee that will go to InforME will be easily saved in administration costs.
· This fee is higher than usual but this is a very low volume service and the payment per transaction is high, so the percentage is reasonable.
· DOT has a list of all the items that they give away or sell, and will consider how some of these might be put online as well - perhaps via a storefront. DOT is also taking a new strategic look at their entire web presence and goals, and have put together an e-gov committee within the Department.

Suggestion for New Service:
Electronic ordering through the central warehouse. This would allow new services for municipalities. Central warehouse is part of DAFS.

Board votes unanimously to approve the SLA.

Other Business:
Next meeting needs to be rescheduled due to an NIC marketing conference in October.

Board agrees to change the next meeting date to October 23.
The November meeting is scheduled for November 13.
III. Demos
Kelly Hokkanen presented demos of three new sites/services developed by InforME:
1. Maine 9-1-1 Kids� Site (
A very interactive and educational site for kids, using games to teach kids about 9-1-1.
2. Maine Arts Commission (
This site was completely redesigned and now offers several interactive services for artists, art organizations, and citizens.
3. AutoForms
InforME�s new form processing tool available to state webmasters for creating online �fillable� forms.

The Board expresses its appreciation of the work that Tamara has done with InforME, welcomes Carrie to her new role, and wishes Joan the best in Rhode Island.

Meeting Adjourned 2:37 p.m.