InforME Board Meeting
November 13, 2002

Board Attendance:
Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky
Anne Schink
Marilyn Lutz
Dick Hinkley
Dick Davies
Rick Record
Elaine Stanley (Gary Nichols)
Jaynie Higgins
Jeff Harmon
Deb Carson
Tamara Dukes
Carrie Gott

Others Present:
Becky Wyke, Chief Deputy, Office of Secretary of State
Don Kleiner, Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife
Todd Tolurst, InforME
Tiffany Glidden, InforME
Renee Loring, InforME

Meeting Opens

I. Review of General Manager’s Report:
Carrie Gott reviews General Manager’s Report:

1. The BOW award presentation was attended by Maine Chief Information Officer, Harry Lanphear, New England Interactive, President, Tamara Dukes, and InforME Graphic Artist, Jari Feldt. A framed BOW award for eGovernment initiatives and achievements was presented to Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky.

2. An update on Joan Gammon was given to the Board stating that Joan was back in the as of yesterday, working part-time, until after Thanksgiving. Joan is very excited to be back!

Marketing Overview-
Press Releases/Articles:
Positive media coverage on the Portal was received within the past two months. The InforME Winter Photo Contest press release was covered in the Kennebec Journal in October. The Portal continues to promote the photo contest through Other photo contest coverage included a live interview with Kelly Hokkenan through The popularity of the Portal’s Photo Contest can be seen by the submissions: 134 Fall entries and so far, over 100 for Winter.

Renee Loring assisted the CIO’s Office in writing an AutoForms article to be published in the November MIST newsletter. 19 agencies have since contacted InforME for FTP account set-ups to use the AutoForms tool.

NIC, New England Interactive’s parent company, has worked hard to promote winners of the BOW by creating an ad of state partners and placing it in various publications such as Government Technology and Governing magazines. The NIC ad was shown to the Board.

All InforME marketing staff attended the NIC marketing conference in October in Tennessee. The marketing staff received a tremendous overview of eGovernment. The InforME staff agreed that the conference was valuable. Cathilea Robinett, Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government, spoke at conference. Cathilea’s presentation included eGov trends that were on the rise such as: a centralized homeland security source, live help services, and the importance of consistency across the portal for usability. Cathilea also advised the audience to keep building egov services and that driving adoption of existing services is the key to a successful State portal.

Maine placed 16th overall in the Center for Digital Government’s (in conjunction with Government Technology magazine) Digital State Survey. The survey looks beyond the portal into all State Agencies. Maine tied for first place in part three of the 2002 Digital State survey in the area of Taxation and Revenue.

Rapid Renewal Update:
3 new lives towns: Caswell, Patten and Limestone, and several more in testing.

PayTixx continues to be a great service: adoption rate up to 7%.

In discussion with City of Bangor to offer parking tickets.

Branding: branding for the past two months has been done primarily through the Board by distributing static cling stickers:

· Anne Schink distributed through Americorps
· Gary Nichols distributed through State Librarians conference around the country.
· Jeff Harmon facilitated State Police initiative to attach static cling stickers to state police cars.

Dick Hinkley announced that BIS is getting ready to turn on as state email address. BIS is in the process of alerting all state employees of the change. The change could possibly be implemented in December. Dick stated that the change to will be 99% transparent internally and with the assistance of the CIO’s Office, will strategize a way to fashion the same alert to users outside of the State.

Creative Services Update-

The creative team has put together several mock-up websites for the new Governor to consider. They have also been busy providing input for other promotional items.

II. Follow-up from Last Meeting:
Letter from the InforME Board regarding rabies verification for online dog license renewal was finalized by the Board and will be sent to the Department of Agriculture.

The “transaction” security language needs to be added to security policy before making it available from
InforME will make change and share policies with ISPB when finalized.

III. Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife Service Level Agreement (IF&W SLA) Schedule B:
Don Kleiner gave overview of services and the benefits of an online Turkey and Moose Permit application. The current online Any Deer Permit application (which is free) currently boasts a 25% adoption rate (grown since initial 7% adoption). IF&W is hoping for a similar adoption rate for the online Turkey Lottery service.

Turkey Permit Lottery
26,000 applicants for turkey permit lottery were received by the Department last year. The current process requires the applicant to fill out the form, mail back with check by receipt mail. The online system will streamline this process for both the IF&W staff and customer. IF&W will make a significant effort to promote this service.

Schedule B recommends that the Portal share for Turkey Permits be set at $1.50/transaction.

The Board questioned whether the online process would be used internally by IF&W staff for processing applications. The Board also questioned if the winners were notified. Both responses were affirmative and also added that the winners would be posted online. Another member asked if applicants were reimbursed if they are not selected for a permit. The answer is no, the fee is tied to the application.

InforME Board requested that InforME change the wording on the first page of the Moose lottery application to reflect that if they are selected then they will be charged an additional fee for the permit.

Moose Permit
85,000 applicants for moose permits were received last year. The online service will be marketed nationwide with ads in Field and Stream to drive participation. IF&W will also be sending out a massive email to the IF&W listserv which will promote the online lottery service to the 25,000 applicants that participated in this year’s online Any Deer Permit application. 2,500 permits will be issued this year. Moose Permit applicants may only apply once but they can purchase more drawing chances. IF&W takes in about 1.2 million dollars per year for permits.

Schedule B recommends that the Portal share for Moose Permits be set at $1.00/transaction.

The Board asked that the confirmation numbers be made more apparent to the user.

Board unanimously approves fees for Schedule B of the IF&W SLA.

IV. Department of Public Safety Service Level Agreement (DPS SLA):
The SLA for the Department of Public Safety for the online Public Criminal Records service was tabled from October’s Board meeting due to further clarification of the authority of DPS to charge fees.

Lt. Jeffery Harmon, Chief of the Maine State Police provided handouts to the Board and reviewed the statute that relates to this concern:

Lt. Harmon pointed out that DPS is authorized by the Appropriations Committee, when appropriate, to collect a fee for records. History was given of the appropriations process for providing criminal history records.

Nine other states offer online access to public criminal records, five of which are NIC states and many more are in the process. Most offer request form online but not the actual transmission through the portal. Indiana has seen a 14% adoption in first year.

How will it be promoted? Most requesters are returning customers who will be informed of the new service via a direct mail campaign. InforME has already received many calls from interested customers who will be notified when service launches.

Terminology of criminal vs. non-criminal checks was explained and highlighted. The title of the application, though accurate, is confusing. Simpler language was suggested and will be implemented on the website.

Conviction data may be compiled for any person for any reason if the unique identifiers match the person requested.

There were some issues with disclaimers in the statutes that required further explanation.

Courts will also benefit from the service, thus reducing clerk back log on record look-up.

The Board raised a concern that defining language indicating that fees are charged to non-government entities is not specifically stated in the statute.

The Board and InforME will be comfortable approving the SLA based on the following stipulations:

Ø The agency will work toward changing the state law to include definition of “individual” during the next legislative session, or;
Ø Lt. Harmon will ask the Attorney General for a formal opinion on issue.

Board votes unanimously to accept PCR service based upon conditions stated above.

V. Demos:
Tiffany Glidden presented demos of two new sites/services developed by InforME:
§ Public Criminal Records-electronic access to request criminal history record information.
§ Turkey Lottery Permit: online application of Maine Wild Turkey Lottery.

Next Meeting:
January 15, 2003 at 1:00 p.m. in the Nash School Building

Meeting adjourned at 3:35 p.m.