InforME Board Meeting
January 15, 2003

Members in Attendance:
Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky
Anne Schink
Marilyn Lutz
Dick Hinkley
Rick Record
Rudolph Naples
Gary Nichols
Jaynie Higgins
Deb Carson
Cindy Butts
Carrie Gott

Others Present:
Domna Giatas, Office of Secretary of State
Harry Lanphear- CIO
Don Kleiner - IF&W
Todd Tolhurst, InforME
Renee Loring, InforME

Meeting Opens:
Mr. Chairman wishes the Board a Happy New Year and reviews the meeting agenda.

The Chair announced that Dick Davies submitted his resignation from the Board due to his appointment by Governor Baldacci as a senior policy advisor. The Speaker of the House will be notified that the Public Member appointment held by Mr. Davies is now vacant and will require a replacement.

I. Services Update:
Carrie Gott gives a service update:

New Services:
The Turkey Permit lottery service launched in December 2002 and has been a tremendous success, with 6,248 chance drawings purchased in only a month’s time. “The online service has greatly reduced the staff workload” said Don Kleiner from IF&W. The application has realized a 25% adoption rate. The online Moose Permit application is expected to be as successful.

Governor Baldacci’s website was presented to the Board. InforME was able to work closely with the Governor’s office to launch a website at the moment of the Inaugural address. This was the first time that a Maine Governor’s website has transitioned simultaneously with the Governor’s office. State CIO, Harry Lanphear was given credit for his assistance with the launch of the Governor's site.

Existing Services:
The UCC Search, Filing and ICS adoption rates were shared with the Board. Marketing trends and service growth for 2002 are measurable and the results are great. These services have steadily increased in usage month to month and have gained a nearly 80% adoption rate overall.

The Rapid Renewal Service is being used in 42 towns across the State. We’ve noticed that adoption of the service decreases slightly after the Secretary of State mailed reminders end after the first year. InforME is assisting Towns with marketing.

The PayTixx Service is experiencing tremendous growth in use. Additional marketing efforts on the part of the Judicial Branch are attributed to this success, including the printing of the URL and telephone number on the speeding tickets.

The Portland Parking ticket payment service has exceeded expectations, and this has sparked an interest from the City of Bangor to offer the service.

II. IF&W Schedule B Addendum: Turkey and moose permits

I. An overview of the Turkey Permit and Moose Permit Purchase services is presented to the Board with a suggested InforME transaction portion of $1.50 per purchase for both services. The collected fees will be deposited into the State’s account and IF&W will be billed monthly by InforME.

A motion is made by Cindy Butts to approve the IF&W Schedule B Addendum. Motion is seconded by Rudy Naples.

The Board unanimously approves the IF&W SLA Schedule B Addendum.

II. Rick Record provided an overview of the online ATV/Snowmobile registration renewal service. The registration applications are currently online but credit cards are processed manually. InforME will attach its credit card engine to the current application to enable real time authorization and deposits of fees into the State’s account. $1 of the transaction fee will be allocated to InforME. It is estimated that 100,000+ snowmobiles are registered and 55,000 to 70,000 ATVs are registered each year in Maine.

When do we think this will be done?

InforME needs to get details on the project in order to determine a timeline. InforME will be prepared to share timeline at the next Board meeting.

Cindy Butts moves for the approval of the IF&W SLA to include online snowmobile and ATV registration renewals. Jaynie Higgens seconds the motion.

The Board votes unanimously to approve the IF&W SLA to include the ATV Registration Renewal service and fees.

III. Contract Administrator Update (Disaster Recovery)

Dick Hinkley, Director of BIS and InforME contract administrator updates the Board on InforME’s contract compliance to date. The contract specifies that InforME provide the State with the following items:
Letter of Credit
Monthly monitoring report to BIS
All application software and documentation
Disaster Recovery Plan

A Disaster Recovery Plan is being developed by BIS as well as a similar plan for Agencies. BIS is also developing an alliance with InforME to develop a unified plan. The contract specifies that the Disaster Recovery Plan must be approved by both the Director of BIS and the Board.

Five assumptions documented in the plan that require approval by the Board are:

1. A disaster is considered to be any unplanned loss of online services due to lack of computer processing capabilities for more than 6 hours.

2. The recovery window is the time period following a disaster during which online services will be restored. The length of this period of time will depend on the extent to which the disaster has negatively impacted the operating infrastructure and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. It is estimated that the Portal static pages will be restored in no more than 24-36 hours.

3. New England Interactive is responsible for restoring any systems, hardware, and database information contained on the Portal servers at the NEI Data Center in Augusta, Maine in the event of a disaster.

NEI is not responsible for the continuity, integrity or restoration of State-provided network and data-processing resources, including but not limited to, network connectivity to the State wide-area network, domain name services, FTP servers, SQL database servers, and mainframe systems.

4. NEI will work closely with NIC to coordinate all disaster recovery planning and response efforts. NIC will have a copy of this Plan and will be involved in the annual testing procedures. NIC will be familiar with the recovery procedures described in this plan and will be prepared to carry them out if necessary.

5. NEI will work closely with the Bureau of Information Services (BIS) in the event of an emergency. BIS will have a copy of this Plan and will be involved in the annual testing procedures. BIS will be familiar with the recovery procedured described in this plan and will be prepared to carry them out if necessary.

Why are the static pages to be recovered in the 24-36 hour window and not the dynamic application pages?

Static Web pages represent the majority of the pages on the website. Applications with dynamic pages would not be readily available because of their need to interact with other databases and programs. Dynamic applications will be brought up one at a time afterwards based upon need.

Cindy Butts moves to adopt the Disaster Recovery Plan. Anne Schink seconds the motion.

The Board votes unanimously to adopt the proposed Disaster Recovery Plan.

IV Follow-up Items:

Moose and Turkey Language:
The changes to the Turkey and Moose Lottery services have been made as requested at the last Board meeting and now reflect the additional fee that is required if a chance drawing is made.

V. Other Business:
The Chair introduces Domna Giatas to the Board. Ms. Giatas will be taking over many of the responsibilities and duties from Becky Wyke, including joining the InforME Board staff.

Mr. Chairman read the Board Legislation regarding Board appointments. There is a User Association vacancy previsouly held by Mel Morrision on behalf of the Maine Bankers Association that must be filled with an appointed by the Governor. The Board will review the user group list and make recommendations at the next Board meeting.

InforME can identify various user groups and state wide associations and send to the Board.

Carrie Gott notes that 2003 marks a change for the Portal. 2003 will be a year of service upgrade, including all new BMV applications due to the motor vehicle database upgrades. She also noted that much of InforME’s development resources will be directed to meeting contract obligations including software documentation, DRP and others. Concurrently, marketing resources will be turned outward to increase adoption rates of existing services.

InforME’s strategies and major priorities include:

Portal Statistics for 2002 will be shared at the next board meeting.

V. Next meeting dates:

February 12, 2003 at 1:00 p.m.

March 12, 2003 at 1:00 p.m.

VI. Demos:
A demo was given of the Turkey Permit transfer application. A user can transfer their permit to either a junior or senior hunter.

Meeting adjourned at: 2:25 p.m.