InforME Board Meeting
February 12, 2003

InforME Board Members Attending:
Dan Gwadosky, Secretary of State
Marilyn Lutz
Dick Hinkley
Anne Schink
Gary Nichols
Jeff Harmon
Jaynie Higgins
Dick Trahey

Others Attending:
Domna Giatas, Secretary of State's Office
Harry Lanphear, CIO
Helen Holt, Gilbert Bilodeau, DMR
Renee Loring, InforME
Kelly Hokkanen, InforME
Todd Tolhurst, InforME

Meeting Opens:
Chair welcomes Dick Trahey, our newest Board member.

I. General Manager’s Report
Carrie Gott reviewed the highlights of the GM Report.

The last 2 1/2 months have been extremely busy and productive, with the launch and soft launch of 13 new and upgraded services.

The launch of Governor Baldacci’s website occurred on the day of inauguration, followed by the interactive budget tool. Both have been widely visited by the public and mentioned in the media.

InforME shared the following with the Board:
· A scrapbook of media stories covering InforME and e-gov services
· A copy of the full color ad to appear in the Chamber of Commerce guide
· The InforME 2003 marketing plan, including an events calendar and awards
· The 2002 Annual Report
· The InforME Press Kit

Rapid Renewal
44 towns are now participating.

Creative Services
The Creative Service Team has accomplished the following since the last GM report:
· The Governor Baldacci web site
· The Governor’s Budget Balancing tool
· Continued work on multiple service prototypes

The Development Staff have accomplished the following since the last GM report:
· Campground Reservations - in first 10 minutes hundreds of reservations were processed
· Moose and turkey lottery applications launched – 7,500 turkey lottery purchases in 1st year (30% adoption)
· Soft launch of Public Criminal Records service.
· MOSES is approaching soft launch
· Aircraft Registration phase I has launched - DOT is using the system internally.
· Office of Licensing and Registration - new license types have been added
· News/calendar tool on the way - will be available to webmasters similar to the AutoForms tool
· AutoForms now has 45 user accounts
· Working with legislature to install an updated bill status application

Financial Summary - November & December
No big surprises, the numbers were consistent 2002 with 2001. Some services show tremendous growth trends, specifically PayTixx and UCC search and filing. What’s more, the IF&W Turkey lottery service with its 30% online use marks the highest use as compared with any other citizen services currently offered through InforME. A few services are not growing as much as we would like, specifically the online professional renewal service with OLR. We have learned that agency promotional efforts are the most critical factor to increasing online usage.

Question: Does the "slammer" type of virus affect InforME?
The firewall was busy but our network was not compromised in any way.

II. Department of Marine Resources SLA

· many types of marine licenses will be available
· will be starting with the lobster license, which is the most complex
· InforME will receive $1.50 per license
· 18,000 harvester & 3,700 dealer licenses processed annually

Bert Bilodeau & Helen Holt of DMR discussed current department processes and the benefits of the online application. About half of the customers are far from the DMR office. Currently they can renew in the office or through the mail with check or cash. There is a pattern of people renewing on the last day, resulting in long lines at the DMR counter. The first license type available online will be lobster licenses – which processes 7,000 lobster licenses per year, and more than 90% are renewals.

The Board voted unanimously to approve this SLA.

III. User Association Board Members
The Board has 3 vacancies currently - University of Maine representative, and 2 user association positions. The Governor can appoint 3 user association members. The Board needs to compile a list of associations from which the Governor can select. InforME has identified the groups that are most relevant to the subscriber base.

The Chair recommends sending the list of 6 associations prepared by InforME to the Governor, with the addition of a request for a University member. The Board agrees with this action.

IV. Follow Up Items

A. 2002 portal statistics: This will be presented at the next meeting

B. ATV/Snowmobile registration timeline
We are estimating that planning will begin in March. After details are gathered we will have a more specific timeline for development.

Question: Do other states have a BillWatch service?
Virginia has a Lobbyist-in-aBox service - a subscriber service.
The Legislature purchased BillWatch software from an outside vendor and this will be hosted by InforME.

InforME will prepare a flyer to present to the Legislature. This flyer will be shared with the Board prior to distribution to the Legislature.

Next meetings:
March 12
April 16

Meeting adjourned 2:10 pm.