InforME Board Meeting
April 16, 2003

Members in Attendance:
Secretary of State Dan Gwadosky
Jeff Harmon
Dick Trahey
Anne Schink
Marilyn Lutz
Dick Hinkley
Rudolph Naples
Gary Nichols
Jaynie Higgins
Deb Carson
Jerry Dube
Carrie Gott

Others Present:
Jim Henderson - Archives
Todd Tolhurst, InforME
Renee Loring, InforME
Tiffany Glidden - InforME

Meeting Opens:
Chair requests that we start the meeting with the presentation of the Archives SLA due to legislative hearings. Chair also informs the Board that the changes to the InforME statute is in LD form and will soon be scheduled for a hearing.

The Chair introduces new Board member Jerry Dube. Mr. Dube represents the University of Maine system.

I. Interactive Archives service SLA is presented for Board approval:
The Chair announces Jim Henderson, Maine State Archivist. Mr. Henderson provides an overview of the Bureau’s functions. The Archives Office regulates retention of records for local and state government, containing up to 93 million pieces of paper. The Archives office also houses a series of databases of record information. These records are currently available in the Archives Research Room (excluding vital records). This online service would allow users to find out general archived information by using a keyword search. The system would allow for the purchase of archive records via the Internet using a credit card. InforME would keep $1 of the processed order if the record fee is $10 or more.

Approximately 12,000 archive record requests are made per year.

Citation not included in SLA. Statutory fee citation to be added to SLA. Board will vote on SLA with the understanding that the SLA will be modified to include the fee citation.

The Board moves to vote on the SOS Schedule A and the Archives SLA.

Board votes unanimously to approve the service.

II. Review of General Manager's Report:
InforME services continue to grow in transactions and adoption. Here are a few highlights for the Board:
• The new IF&W MOSES system, which allows for printable licenses, sold more than 1,000 licenses online in its first month. In addition, InforME experienced a record number of new subscribers, and the online Public Criminal Records service launched yesterday.
• Rapid Renewal experienced a record month in March with 1,990 renewals.
• Since its inception, the Vanity Plate Search service has received over a million requests.

Maine continues to attract attention from other states. An article in the MIST newsletter on the Business Answers service was picked up by national media and spurred contact from other States.

Marketing Overview-
• Spring Photo Contest winners launched;
• Exhibited at the Maine Bar and Trial Lawyers conference;
• Assisted IF&W at the Maine Sportsman Show. Sold many hunting & fishing licenses during the Show;
• Community outreach in Hallowell at the wireless internet café, Higher Grounds;
• Collaborative efforts in the works with the Maine Laptop Initiative;
• Recognized the Jr. Achievement group branding efforts;
• branding committee resumed meeting;
• Met with ISMG and the webmaster group;
• Submitted 7 technology award nominations;
• Rapid Renewal is up to 47 towns.

Creative update-
Agency Design Projects
InforME’s Creative Services department has begun work on several new agency projects, in addition to special requests from the Governor’s Office.

Application Design
The design team is working with Marketing and Development to create prototypes for new applications, including Archives Search and Property Tax Payments.

Other Design Services
In March, we updated the portal to reflect the spring season, including a new photo contest. We have been working with other InforME staff on planning new features and design changes for the site this spring/summer, and at the request of DAFS and the CIO’s Office, we have started work on proposed design standards for state agencies.

• Public Criminal Record search launched;
• MOSES hunting and fishing license service launched;
• Aircraft Registration Renewal in final testing;
• Business Answers in final testing
• Turkey Permit launched;
• Maintenance updates;
• Portal software documentation requirement: InforME submitted a first draft to BIS and has received comments back. A final version is in the works.

Service Requests/Changes
• Vanity Plate Purchase on hold;
• Dog licensing on hold pending legislation ;
• Moose permit purchase canceled by agency;
• Maine Arts Commission request for additional services;
• Crash Reporting service is in discussion;
• EMS professional vehicle license under discussion;
• Hosting requests by non InforME applications have been frequent. InforME is in the process of creating a hosting policy to better define the hosting environment.

III. Folow-up Item:
Seeming discrepancy in financials from last GM Report was explained by Carrie Gott. The discrepancy is due to service adjustments made the next month and reflected in the second report. Detail of adjustment may be provided upon request.

InforME will provide documentation on net revenue in addition to the gross revenue spreadsheet in all future General Manager's Reports.

PCR legislation has been amended to reflect statute collection (see November GM Report)

Demos where given of the following applications that are in testing and in prototype stages:
• Business Answers
• Aircraft Registration
• Property Tax

The Board suggested adding PRF/OLR link on the Business Answers Licenses and Permit page.

InforME will suggest addition of link to agency.

V. Next Board Meetings:
May 21, 2003 @ 1P
June 18, 2003 @ 1P