InforME Board Meeting
May 21, 2003

Board Members Attending:
Dan Gwadosky
Anne Schink
Dick Trahey
Marilyn Lutz
Jaynie Higgins
Bob Ganley (for Cindy Butts)
John Eldridge
Gerry Dube
Dick Thompson, CIO (for Dick Hinkley)
Jeff Harmon
Deb Carson
Carrie Gott

Guests Attending:
Kelly Hokkanen, InforME
Todd Tolhurst, InforME

Meeting Opens
The Chair opened the meeting and welcomed Dick Thompson, the new CIO. The meeting agenda will be presented out of order due to scheduling restrictions.

III. Portal Updates
Service Adoption Rates:
April, 2003 service adoption rates:
• Rapid Renewal Service 6% adoption in April
• Paytixx 12%
• UCC filing 45%
• UCC search 92%
• Annual Report Filings 52%

Additional statistics:
• RemindME service has 401 registered users and 605 reminders have been sent so far in 2003
• The MyMaine personalized portal has 747 registered users
• The 2003 summer photo contest received 209 entries, the most yet
• InforME had 949 active subscribers in April, 2003, the most yet

Consistent Portal Initiative
InforME provided an overview of the consistent portal solution, the sliver header. For information about the initiative, please visit:

The Board unanimously voted to support this initiative.

-The CIO suggested that InforME implement the standards with a pilot group until it is approved by the ISPB as policy. Once it is made policy, the sliver header can be implemented server side to all agency web pages.

I. Over Limit Permit Service SLA (BMV)

Gary Hinkley, Director of Motor Carrier Services at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles provided an overview of the service:
-Online service will improve customer service, reduce agency costs and workload, and help comply with federal requirements.
-There is a small customer base, but of those the volumes are high and they are Internet users.
-Several other states have developed similar applications.
-The BMV surveyed customers a couple of years ago and found that one third were interested in a web permit service at that time. It is estimated that that percentage would have increased.
-The service will provide permits to transportation companies wishing to move oversize and overweight loads on Maine roads. The permit process minimizes impact on hwy system, protects the public, and recoups extra costs associated with these loads.
-Permits are time sensitive and must be issued quickly, but also must be extremely accurate.
-During the last fiscal year there were 31,600 permits issued. Of these, some were walk-ins, some faxed/mailed, but most were issued by telephone.
-Permits cost $6-27.50 per permit and have a $3 service fee.
-Currently customers are billed monthly.
-The benefits of online service include: Not having to receive and file paper permits; subscribers can store and re-use information; InforME billing services; reduction of phone calls to staff; 24 hour service to customers; additional links to safety information.
-The proposed service is for trip permits and not annual permits.
-It is proposed that InforME receive $1 per permit application.
-The online service will be offered to both subscriber and credit card users.
-The customer will pay $1 less for the online permit ($3 service fee becomes $2 fee online).

The Board unanimously approved the Over Limit SLA.

II. Online Crash Report Orders SLA (DPS)

Jeffrey Harmon, Lt Cl of Maine State Police, and Board member described the service:
-There are 4,000-5,000 reports received each year.
-In the past it has taken several months to process and data enter the reports
-DPS has set up an application to automate crash report entry by police, with an electronic repository for reports.
-The online service would make these reports available to the public online.
-It is believed that the number of requests will increase with the convenience of online service.
-Fatal accident investigatory reports won't be included in the online service, but standard accident reports will be available.
-The statutory fee for a crash report is $5 per report.
-All of the crash information is public record.
-The crash report is useful to the insurance industry, PIs, and individuals.
-It is proposed that InforME receive $1 per record.
-The online service will serve both subscribers and one time credit card users.
-Many insurance companies are already InforME subscribers, so the process will be easy for them.
-The service is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2003.

Q: What crash report dates are available through the database?
A: The database goes back 3 years currently. There aren’t many requests for old reports. The data base does have 100% of the crash reports from the past 6 months, which serves most of the requests.

Q: Will there be savings to the agency?
A: Yes, there will be staff time savings, but that time will be put to quality review of reports/data. Agency revenue would decrease except that we expect to see an increase in the volume of requests once online service is offered.

The Board unanimously approved the Crash Reports SLA.

Update on InforME Legislation:

The Department of Audit requested additional language to be added to the InforME legislation regarding the collection of fees. The state Treasurer had requested to be added to the legislation as well. InforME, the Chair of the Board and the Treasurer’s office have reached an amiable agreement that includes the requirement that one time credit card service fees will be deposited into the state’s account weekly, and subscriber fees will be deposited monthly (due to billing cycle).

The Treasurer has also asked that we add a more concise communication flow between the agency, InforME and the Treasurer’s office when beginning, testing and launching a fee service. The agreement will be shared with the Board at the June meeting.

Upcoming Meetings:
June 18

Meeting adjourned 2:25 pm.