InforME Board Meeting
September 17, 2003

Members in Attendance:

Others Present:

Meeting Opens:


The Board Chair announced that a press conference, held by Governor Baldacci and the InforME Board Chairman to introduce the new state license plate at 2:00 p.m. today. The Board meeting will adjourn and the members are invited to attend.


A suggestion from Deb Carson was made for to be added to the government section of the Verizon phonebook directory.


InforME will research whether this is possible for the next telephone book edition.

I. �� Review of General Manager's Report:

����� Carrie Gott reviews General Manager's Report for June, July & August.

����� Highlights include:

        Tremendous subscriber growth: between March and August 450 new subscribers have signed up. This equals about 75 per month.

        InforME has had a busy summer launching state wide initiatives. The initiatives include: implementation of the sliver header, a free agency service called NewsTool, an enhanced homepage, and enhanced personalization features with

        Live Help has been growing in popularity. Software was purchased and is available to agencies at no cost. DOC now has the Live Help function on the foliage site. The foliage site was picked up by NY Times and will be feature an interview with Kelly Hokkanen, InforME�s Director of Creative Services.

        InforME has launched several new services which include: Business Answers, Next �Generation CD Auction with the Office of Treasury; and the Foliage Live Help.

        InforME attended and exhibited at the Maine Executive Leadership Forum held at the Augusta Civic Center in July: The event was sponsored by Government Technology magazine and was well attended by the public and private sector. As a result, InforME has received several calls from agencies for new services.

        Internal growth: New staff members have been added to InforME that include a Systems Administrator, Rick Rousseau and a Customer Service Representative, Kasi Bean.

        InforME is busy delivering contract requirements. Software documentation has been completed for 14 services thus far.

        InforME�s Letter of Credit is up for renewal. This is already in process and has been delivered to BIS.

        BOW 2003 announcement to come this week.

����� Marketing:

        An advertisement was placed in the MaineBiz Fact Book. New articles have been added to the InforME Scrapbook and the DownEast magazine featured a story on the CampWithMe web site on the foliage site.

        Several submissions were made to the MIST newsletter.

        An InforME Subscriber newsletter was released and a speaking opportunity to the Maine Board of Insurance resulted.

        InforME was invited to speak at the annual Maine Bar Association summer meeting that was held in Bar Harbor.

        InforME assisted and attended the 2003 NASS Event that was hosted by the Maine Secretary of State�s Office.

        Carrie Gott presented to the National Association of State Budget Officers meeting.

        There are now 51 towns participating in the Rapid Renewal program.

����� Creative Services:

        The following web site projects are in process:

����������� House Democrats

����������� Department of Labor

����������� Public Utilities Commission

����������� Lottery

        The InforME project queue continues to grow.

        ISPB approved the state web design standards including the implantation of standard header. Additionally the CIO�s Office implemented State's web accessibility standards.

        Several service prototypes have been completed or are near completion:

- Board of Engineering professional license renewal;

- IF&W�s Harvest Info System,

- Archives �Interactive Search

- Bureau of Motor Vehicles Over Limit Permitting

- Crash Reporting

- Marine Licensing renewal

����� Development:

����� Services launched or actively in development:

     Aircraft Registration launch to come

     Business Answers launch

     NextGen CD Auction launch
     DODs shrimp data launch
     IF&W HIS in development 
     Crash Report in development
     Archives in development
     Any Deer Swap in development
     Sex Offenders Search in development

     ARO XML filing in development

     Professional Engineers License Renewal in development

     Archives Interactive Search in development

     Maine Native American Database query in development

     Bureau of Liquor Enforcement in development

     Water Test Kit purchase in development

        Systems and maintenance upgrades.

        InforME is working with the CIO and BIS working on standardizing a hosting policy.

        Service Requests/Changes:

����������� - Dept of Agriculture had changes in legislation to allow the forward ����� movement with the Dog License Renewal. The service will be launched as ��������� a pilot program. The changes will be shared at the next meeting.

����� Financials:

����� June/July/August

����� Services continue to draw more usage. June & July revenue has dropped as compared with first quarter revenues.

����� Discussions:

����� The CIO�s Office inquired about a quote sent to host the City of Portland�s web site. Has InforME hosted municipal websites?

����� The conversation to host started after the implementation of the Portland Tickets service. The City would also like us to redesign their site. The City loves to work with InforME and we want to continue this great relationship. We are currently waiting for them to respond.

����� Action:

����� InforME will be presenting to the MMA about eGov services and the potential to pursue more municipal relationships and services.

����� Discussion:

����� The Board asked how does InforME balance agency needs with municipal needs. A suggestion was made to be careful not to take on too much and alienate state agencies from the queue.

����� Action:

����� Carrie will email out web stats to the Board on service usage and web visits.

����� Question:

����� The Board asked what are the next big revenue generating services?

����� Discussion:

����� InforME is working on several new services to increase revenue in addition to driving adoption to current services. These projects include:

        Crash Reporting

        Property Tax payment

        Annual Report XML filing

        ICS enhancements

II�� Inland Fisheries & Wildlife SLA:

����� A Schedule B addendum to the Inland Fisheries & Wildlife SLA was presented to the Board for approval to develop the AnyDeer Transfer Swap service.

����� The Any Deer Transfer Swap is a new service to IF&W. This service includes a $5 fee to swap an Any Deer permit from one district to another. The Portal will collect $1 of this fee. The monies will be deposited directly into the IFW account and InforME will bill monthly. IF&W will be responsible for any merchant fees.

����� Motion:

����� The Board moves to accept the Schedule B addendum to the IFW SLA for Any Deer Transfer Swap.

����� Action:

����� The Board unanimously approves the proposed Schedule B addendum.

III. Next Board Meeting:

����� October 15, 2003, 1:00 p.m.

����� November 12, 2003, 1:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourns for scheduled press conference at 1:42.