InforME Board Meeting

December 17, 2003

Members in Attendance:

Dan Gwadosky, Board Chair
Jeff Harmon
Marilyn Lutz
John Eldridge
Dick Hinkley
Gary Nicholas
Jaynie Higgins
Anne Schink
Cindy Butts
Dick Trahey
Kelly Hokkanen - for Carrie Gott

Others Present:
Chip Gavin, staff to the Chair
Dick Thompson, CIO
Tim Poulin, CEC
Todd Tolhurst, InforME
Renee Loring, InforME

Meeting Opens:

I.     CEC weekly updates of UCC data and Images SLA:

SLA schedule is presented to the InforME Board for approval. Tim Poulin, Director of Corporations and UCC, explains that the current UCC Bulk Service offers bulk UCC data and images on a monthly basis to InforME Subscribers. Customers of the service have requested to receive the data on a weekly basis. The monthly service is offered at $600 per month. It is proposed that the weekly service be provided at $300 per week. The increase in cost covers the time spent extracting the data, providing the data and invoicing customers. Customers benefit by receiving data that is up to date, with nearly 2,000 new records added weekly.


Q: Does it increase the workload to download this frequently?

A:   Yes, but the pricing does affect this. We’re receiving more revenue by providing            better data. Customers are happy with this.

Jeff Harmon motions to accept the proposed SLA and is Gary Nichols seconds the motion.

The Board votes unanimously to approve the SLA for UCC Bulk weekly updates.

II.   Premium Service Discussion - Crash Report CrossCheck:

Jeff Harmon and Todd Tolhurst present information on a potential future service that would be an addition to the Crash Reporting service called Crash Report CrossCheck.   This premium service is much like the current Driver CrossCheck service whereby a user would receive automatic updates on crash reports for a specified fleet of vehicles. Jeff explains that this push technology service would automatically forward any crash reports relating to any vehicle in a user’s profile.

The three issues facing the implementation of this service are:


Q:   Is this public information?

A: Yes, the current crash reports are public information however this could raise the "big brother" issue.

Q: Can access be limited under Freedom of Information?

A: The Dept of Public Safety currently provides the requested information.  

Q: Would this make us more susceptible to mailing list generation? What are the implications of target marketing efforts?  Will there be a need to define specific        requests from other requests?

A: There is currently data mining out there obtaining this same information. Again, it's public information.

A policy could be enforced, however, it's public information and under statute, if the public requests this information then the government must provide it.

The Chair points out that Driver CrossCheck is a service that the Board has approved and although not heavily used, the crash report service has a more solid user base.  

Q: There is federal protection against abuse of this information.   Is personal information provided?

A: Yes, the information provided is personal. However, so is professional license information.

Q: How will the technology of the service relate to policy?

A: By using Internet technology through InforME, the service may be set-up to increase use through push technology through notification. This traffic can be monitored.

This issue may be a topic for the Board Strategic Plan. What potential impacts will be faced if these premium services are implemented?

III. Update on CIO’s Office Initiatives:

 State CIO, Dick Thompson reports that the ISPB will quantify policies and establish a clear standard and best practices for future policy setting.

This standard has been received overwhelmingly.

There has been discussion on wireless technology in the State. They are looking to roll out a uniform, seamless wireless network within the state.

III. Strategic Planning Retreat Update

The InforME Board Strategic Planning Retreat agenda draft is passed out to the Board. Pamela Plumb facilitated the first strategic planning retreat in 2000 and has been asked to facilitate the upcoming retreat.

The retreat is intended to provide the Board with time and space for brainstorming for the strategic plan update, charting a plan for the next 2 years. The plan will be discussed but not finalized at the retreat.

The agenda will be finalized and sent to the Board.


Q: How is attendance?

A: We will take a quick poll.

A poll has indicated that all Board members present will be in attendance at the retreat.

IV. Announcements:

InforMe’s Graphic Designer, Jari Feldt, has left InforME and his replacement is being recruited.

A recent article printed in the Kennebec Journal is shared with the Board. The article was written on the new Sex Offender Registry service, which has attracted tremendous amount of interest from the public. Since its launch on December 2, 2003, a quarter of a million searches have been conducted!

VI. Next Board meeting:

February 25, 2003 at 1:00 p.m.

Meeting adjourns at: 2:20 p.m.