InforME Board Meeting - June 16, 2004

Board Members:
Dan Gwadosky,Board Chair
Marilyn Lutz
Dick Trahey
Deb Carson
Dick Hinkley
Rick Record
Gary Nichols
Gerry Dube
Jaynie Higgins
Carrie Gott

Others Present:
Dick Thompson, CIO
Chris Neff, NIC
Kelly Hokkanen, InforME
Renee Loring, InforME

Meeting Opens:

I. General Manager’s Report

Carrie Gott provides an overview of the June General Manager's Report.

Portal Highlights

InforME is participating in the Promote the Vote committee out of the Secretary of State’s office. Many of the InforME eDemocracy deliverables will be used in the Promote the Vote effort.

Carrie Gott, InforME General Manager, in partnership with Dick Hinkley, Director of the Bureau of Information Services, provided an InforME update to the Information Services Policy Board.

Online Service Highlights

Worthy of note, all Annual Report filings were due June 1, 2004 and the online service ended with 33,880 total reports filed, or – strikingly -- an 80% adoption for the month of May, and annual adoption is 65%. This is over last year’s 23,890 filings for the year, and 50% adoption for the month of May, 2003. The launch of XML Annual Report filings, which launched May 6 th, contributed to this success and usage is anticipated to grow as more companies use the XML option next year.

The Rapid Renewal Vehicle Registration Renewal Service had a record breaking month in May with 3,313 vehicle registration renewals completed online. Paytixx too had a record breaking month with a total of 1,587 traffic violations paid online.

The Creative Services Department has completed an exciting Road to Maine Laws animation in partnership with the Secretary of State. A demo will be provided to the Board at the June meeting.

The InforME Creative Services Department has developed an online service template, so that every service will have a consistent look and feel, layout and demo. The Rapid Renewal Driver’s License/ID Renewal and Replacement service is the first to use the service template.

InforME is anticipating the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Judicial Branch and Department of Professional and Financial Regulation to each be replacing their data backend systems during the summer or early fall, 2004. These backend system upgrades will require InforME to re-develop 12 service interfaces within the same time frame. We are working these upgrades into the development queue now.



InforME was proud to be present at the press conference, co-hosted by the Governor and Secretary of State, announcing the launch of the Rapid Renewal Driver’s License and State ID Renewal and Replacement service.

Renee Loring, InforME Marketing Executive, attended the 2004 Maine Bank Expo, hosted by the Maine Association of Community Banks, where she exhibited the portal and relevant services, including the Total UCC Solution, Interactive Corporate Services, various BMV services, and the new Designation of Trustee Process service.

Tiffany Glidden, InforME eGovernment Specialist, attended the following RRS meetings:

04/01/04 - Rapid Renewal Town Live - Veazie

04/08/04 - Rapid Renewal Informational Mtg - Bath

04/12/04 - Rapid Renewal Town Live - Greene

04/15/04 - Rapid Renewal Informational Mtg - Eddington

04/20/04 - Rapid Renewal City Council Mtg - Biddeford

04/22/04 - Rapid Renewal Informational Mtg - Eliot

04/29/04 - Rapid Renewal Town-Beta - Eddington

05/12/04 - Rapid Renewal Informational Mtg - Biddeford



The advertisement on the site has been renewed and expanded for 2004 to include all services, including the new Driver’s License & ID Card Renewal and Replacement Service, in addition to other citizen services. Total page hits for all links contained in the ad are attached for your convenience.

Press Releases/Articles

Creative Services

Portal Services



Service Requests/Changes

The Board is presented with Project Prioritization documents for the following electronic services:


Carrie Gott provides an overview of April and May 2004 financials. Carrie noted that a drop in May 2004 revenue as compared to May 2003 was due to a spike in one additional customer for BMV special request data last year. Revenue and adoption continue to consistently grow.

II. Contract Renewal Vote

Dick Hinkley informs the Board that several updates to the InforME contract have been made since the last since last Board Executive Session. The first three pages of the contract agreement are distributed to the Board. These changes are noted in shaded areas throughout the document.


Q. The Board requests an overview of the software license agreement.

A. (Dick Hinkley) The software license agreement grants the state the professional use of the software created by the Portal. When the contract expires, the state owns the software and can be utilized by a third party vendor.

Q. What is the difference between corporate entities of Inc. and LLC?

A. (InforME) The difference is a slight change in the business entity’s tax status

Jaynie Higgins motions to accept the InforME Contract for Special Services renewal. Marilyn Lutz seconds the motion

The Board votes unanimously to renew the Contract for Specials Services with New England Interactive, LLC.

III. Presentation

Chris Neff, Director of Marketing of NIC, joins the Board to speak to the topic of effectively marketing for optimum national recognition. Presentation available upon request.

IV. Strategic Plan (*Board approval requested)

Carrie provides the Board with an overview of Goal #4 for Board review and possible Plan adoption.

Goal #4:

Be a source of eGovernment solutions and standards that assist governmental agencies as they seek to achieve greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.”


Formalize infrastructure initiatives with stakeholder organizations to better enable eGovernment delivery.



Q. Please expand on strategy number four.

A. (InforME} InforME would assist in playing a role when appropriate with a particular service or initiative in the legislative process.

InforME to add accessibility to the web policies and standards.


Expand service delivery and expertise to enable agencies to deliver eGovernment information and/or services.



As and its services become more integral to Maine government operations, communications to State agencies must be formalized.


InforME to include trouble ticket in glossary.

Marilyn Lutz motions to accept the InforME Strategic Plan III. Gary Nichols seconds the motion.

The Board votes unanimously to adopt the InforME Strategic Plan III.

V. Demo

A demo of the Road to Maine Laws animation is given.

InforME to send the link of the new SOS Civics Site to the Board.

VI. Meeting Adjourns

Meeting adjourns at 2.35 p.m.

Next Meeting Dates

7.14.04 1:00 p.m.