InforME Board Meeting

July 14, 2004

Board Members in attendance:

Others Present:

Meeting Opens:

The Chair opens the meeting by reviewing the meeting agenda.

I. Board of Nursing Service Level Agreement

The InforME Board is presented with a Service Level Agreement for the Board of Nursing (BOA), online license renewal service. Cindy Wurpal, Assistant Director, provides the Board with an overview of the current nursing license renewal process. The BOA is currently working with a vendor to upgrade their backend and would like InforME to develop the interface to an online renewal service. Approximately 1000 renewals are processed per month. The current process requires manual record keeping on the agency’s part and an online renewal service will help reduce demand on personnel time, improve internal efficiencies and keep the record information current. There are two types of nursing renewals that would be available for online renewal: RN and LPN. The Board of Medicine and Osteopathic are looking to renew online based on the Nursing application performance.


Q. Is service limited to LPN and RN?

A. (Cindy): Yes. Those two are the only types available through the Board of Nursing.

Carrie Gott notes that this service fits in with the strategic plan’s directive to expand the professional licensing portal. Cindy Wurpal adds that the Board of Nursing is aiming to achieve an 89-90% adoption rate.

Motion: Marilyn Lutz moves to accept the SLA for the Board of Nursing, online license renewal service. Jaynie Higgins seconds the motion to accept the SLA .

Action: The Board votes unanimously to accept the SLA for the Board of Nursing, online license renewal service.

II. Secretary of State SLA Schedule A Addendum

Chip Gavin provides an overview of the proposed SLA to adjust fees so that driver record fee increases and special request data fees decrease. If volumes remain the same, the revenue between the 2 services should overall increase by nearly 30%, resulting in a positive impact on portal revenue. New revenue would enable the development of new services and the enhancement of current services at a faster rate of deployment.

Two primary fees are discussed

The fee increase will for driver records will bring Maine closer to the national average. Implementation of the fee changes would take place September 1, 2004 .


Q. Is there any reason to believe that the volume of special request records sold will change with a fee decrease?

A. (Chip) We are unsure at this point in time how the volumes will be effected, but we do hope that special request record sales increases with the reduction in price.

Q. Why change the prices of both services?

A. (Chip) This is an opportunity to protect portal and state revenue while at the same time being responsive to the customers needs.

Chip adds that the Insurance Notification service listed on the Addendum is a free service project to be provided by InforME. The service launch date must launch January 2005 by statute.

Motion: Marilyn Lutz moves that the Board accept the Secretary of State Schedule A Addendum. Richard Trahey seconds the motion.

Action: The Board votes unanimously to accept Secretary of State Schedule A Addendum.


Dick Thompson shares with the Board his discussion with Virtual Town Hall . The software vendor currently provides web services and application services to municipalities. They were upset that the State is offering many of these services for free through InforME. It is asked of the InforME Board to be sensitive to this matter. Dick has offered to discuss this with the InforME Board. Virtual Town Hall is not concerned with the static content services, but is concerned with the proposed expansion of future local government eCommerce services provided at no cost. Dick will relay Board discussions to vendor and report back to the Board at the next meeting.

Action: The Board will be provided with a link to the vendor site to gain a better understanding of their services.

III. Demos


Q. Is there a reason why County court data is not listed?

A. (InforME) We have not been provided that information. If it can be delivered in a workable format, we would be more than happy to post to the respective County pages.

Q. Would the town web site manager be reminded to periodically update their information?

A. (InforME) That is a great idea. We will definitely consider this.

IV. Next Board Meeting:

September 22, 2004 at 1P

Meeting adjourns at 3:45 p.m.