InforME Board Meeting
October 20, 2004

Board Members:

Others Present:

Meeting Opens:

Denise Garland, representing the Secretary of State, opens the meeting with the acceptance of the previous Board minutes.

I. InforME Board Photo

The Board members that are present are escorted to have a group photo taken for the 2004 InforME Annual Report.

II. Department of Public Safety - Crash Reporting Special Request Schedule A Addendum

This service is an addition to the newly launched Crash Reporting service. This special request service has two major customers and is similar to other special requests services provided by InforME. Lt. Chris Grotton informs the Board that 99 percent of crash records are currently in electronic format. The current online service has already benefited the agency with increased efficiencies and time savings. The crash data special request service will further alleviate staff processing time. The fees are more than fair to the customer since they will receive more than ten percent of the data. The revenue share with InforME is acceptable to the agency since InforME will be fulfilling these requests. This service will also provide great benefit to the customers requesting the data.


Q. Is this public information?

A. (InforME) Yes.

Q. Who are the two major customers?

A. (InforME) Carfax is one, and we will be targeting additional customers.

Q. Is this a new service or an expansion to an existing service?

A. This is a variation to the existing service, which delivers individual records. The crash report data service delivers large amounts of raw data for the use of larger companies.

Q. In terms of bulk, what is the volume of data and use?

A. (InforME) Currently, there is access to over forty thousand records that may be given out on a quarterly basis, as well as for one time use customers.

Q. If the service is intended to be electronic, why is there a manual process involved?

A. (InforME) Due to the size of data request, a web interface isn't possible. The data must be transmitted via ftp or downloaded onto a CD. Large amounts of data such as this are difficult to deliver through a web interface due to customer bandwidth limitations.

Q. Has any market research been done to see if anyone will use the service?

A. (InforME) Carfax is a huge customer in a narrow market that would be looking for this specific data.

Q. Are there other benefits to provide the data?

A. (InforME) The data has not been available electronically until recently. Due to the department’s new data system, this service is now available for the first time.

Q. Are there any other states offering this service?

A. (InforME) There are several states in the discussion phase. However, Maine is one of the first to hold the data electronically and in a single database to make such a service possible.

Anne Schink motions to accept the crash report data SLA

Dick Hinkley seconds the motion


The Board votes unanimously to accept the SLA with the Department of Public Safety for the crash report data service.

III Department of Secretary of State - Annual Report Schedule A Addendum

Carrie Gott explains that these fee changes are due to legislation that went into effect recently.

Garry Nichols motions to accept the annual report SLA.

Jaynie Higgings seconds the motion.


The Board votes unanimously to accept the annual report filing fee changes SLA.

V. Follow-up

Carrie Gott provides the Board with a description on the fee discrepancy in the past financial report. The error that was made due to a keying error in the month end sales report in which an additional 0 was added. The error was picked up immediately and the adjustment was reflected in the August General's Managers Report. Checks and balances are put into place with the corporate office, InforME billing, and with the State's internal treasury reporting system so that an error cannot go undetected. Additional efficiencies are being put in place to tie the credit card sales directly into the billing report.


A. Are there services that have accounting discrepancies between InforME and the agency?

Q. (InforME) Some of the large volume services that involve customer credits occasionally have accounting discrepancies, but we work closely with the agency to reconcile these.

IV. Department of Public Safety - Fire Marshall, SLA

This proposed State Fire Marshall SLA for online fire installation permit and fire sprinkler professional license renewal is presented to the Board by Eric Ellis, the Maine State Fire Marshal. Marshal Ellis explains the to the Board the benefits of this online service. There are 250 - 275 licensees that are renewed every two years, but are staggered so that renewals occur annually. There are three license types that include five to six hundred installation permits that are distributed yearly. Lobbying has enforced standardization and regulation of these licenses and permits. With these regulations, several of the needed documents are now received in electronic format such as blueprint documents.

By providing this service online, costs associated with providing customer service, processing paper applications, and postage costs will be reduced. This will also further enhance the business relationship with the customer.


Q. What is the number of licenses?

A. (Fire Marshal) The three types are Installation, Inspection, and Designing total 200-250 every 2 years. Money collected pays to regulate the industry. There are 500-600 permits given out annually.

Jaynie Higgins motions to accept the SLA. Dick Hinkley seconds the motion.


The Board votes unanimously to accept the State Fire Marshal SLA.

VII. Miscellaneous

Recent Board re-appointments:

Jaynie Higgins has been re-appointed through 2007

Cindy Butts has been re-appointed through 2005

Several nominations have been submitted to the Executive Office.

Next Board Meeting

December 15, 2004 at 1:00 p.m.

Board meeting adjourns at 2:15 p.m.