InforME Board Meeting

December 15, 2004

Board Members

Others Present

Meeting Opens:

The Chair opens the meeting by introducing the Secretary of State elect, Matt Dunlap.

The agenda items are reviewed.

I. General Manager’s Report

Carrie Gott provides an overview of the General Manager's Report

A. Portal Highlights


In October, InforME spent two days at the Maine Municipal Association (MMA) annual conference at the Augusta Civic Center. This event provided an excellent opportunity for InforME to interact with local government officials, and to promote services related to that group, specifically, Rapid Renewal Service and our local portal tool, Ready.Set.Gov!. Both of these applications were presented to many municipalities, including Monmouth, Presque Isle, Oakland, Sebago, Cornish, Freeport, Mexico, Gardiner, Acton and Shapleigh.


InforME staff accompanied the Office of the Secretary of State to two east coast cities to accept awards. Renee Loring, Marketing Executive (InforME), accompanied Tim Poulin, Director of the Division of Corporations, to Washington, D.C. to accept the GCN (Government Computer News) Award for innovative IT accomplishments, awarded to the website. The Secretary of State was one of 10 government agencies selected from over 100 entries to receive the award.

InforME staff accompanied Secretary of State Gwadosky to New York City to receive the Best of the Web Award (BOW) from the Center for Digital Government for both and the Secretary of State’s website. Also, InforME staff participated in round table discussions regarding eGovernment best practices, including local portal discussions and networking.


InforME has been busy preparing the Annual Report for the legislature. The content and design is complete and is currently under final review.


In early December, Carrie Gott, General Manager, presented to TECRA, or the Task Force on Electronic Court Records, made up of a 44-member stakeholders from a variety of Maine organizations, both private and public. The committee is chaired by the Hon. Andrew Mead. The task force is considering the policy implications to making court records available online. Carrie presented an overview of InforME and demonstrated the court record system in the state of Arkansas.

In partnership with Dick Hinkley, an InforME update was provided at the November ISMG meeting, with a specific focus on communication protocol between state agencies and InforME.

Upcoming Event

InforME and the Office of the CIO have sketched out the agenda for an eGovernment event to be held in late January in the State House Rotunda (dates currently under discussion). [NOTE: Since this board meeting, January 27 from 10:30AM to 1:30PM has been selected as the date and time of the event.] The event will be a celebration of the BOW award. Cathilea Robinett will present the award to Governor Baldacci. Also, InforME and various state agencies will host demonstration tables showcasing services provided on and other highlights. Invitations will be mailed in January.


a. Secretary of State Encourages Use of Maine’s New eDemocracy Website as Election Approaches (October 15)

b. Department of Agriculture Launches Online Dog Licensing Service (October 25)

c. State Police Launches New Crash Reporting System (October 26, 2004)

d. Maine Secretary of State Recognized for eGovernment Creativity and Excellence (November 16)

e. Secretary of State Launches Online Driving Record Service on Maine’s Nationally Recognized Website (December 3)

f. Rapid Renewal Releases - October 8: Town of New Gloucester


Agency Meetings

Rapid Renewal Meetings

Month and Town







New Gloucester

Informational Visit


West Paris





Informational Visit

South Berwick

Informational Visit



New Gloucester

LIVE October 8


LIVE October 19



Informational Visit


Informational Visit


Informational Visit



Informational Visit


Informational Visit


BETA – December 1

Upcoming in December


Informational Visit


Informational Visit


It would be helpful if the Rapid Renewal service sent auto renewal reminders to citizens.

A. (InforME) The feature is currently in place. It could be made more prominent on the website.


InforME will make reminder link more visible.

Online Service and Website Highlights

Recent launches with high citizen benefit:

a. Rapid Renewal new service template and upgrades

b. New Winter photos on

c. Maine Votes voter countdown

d. Maine crash reporting interactive service

e. Maine crash reporting bulk data service

f. Driver record request service for citizens (credit card only)

g. MOSES hunting and fishing licenses available in HTML format (migration from .pdf format, which presented many citizens with problems accessing the license and created hundreds of support queries)

h. Civilian Conservation Corps tribute submission system

i. Student Mock Election

j. Public Utilities Website launched

k. Atlantic Salmon Commission website launched

When the new Rapid Renewal Service template and upgrade launched in November, the service included a link for citizens whose towns are not participating in RRS to “Express Interest in Using This Service.” Since that link was established, over 60 citizens have used the link to express their interest in having the service available in their municipality. The most citizen interest came from the following towns: Auburn, Biddeford, and Presque Isle.

We continued to use the new standardized online service template for all applications. We have provided quality assurance testing and design/usability work for several applications, including Air Quality monitoring, MOSES, Rapid Renewal, and others.

Consultation, Training and Web Initiative Highlights

B. Project Status

Free/Fee Services Launched

a. Secretary of State Student Mock Election

b. Updated legislative districts on Local Portal

c. Updated legislative officials and districts on Local Portal

d. Webmaster Directory Application

e. Conservation Corps tribute submission

f. Maine Crash Reporting

g. Bulk Crash Reporting

h. Rapid Renewal Upgrade

i. MOSES Upgrade

Creative Services/Web Design Launched

a. Templates

b. Webmaster Resource Center

c. InforME 2004 Annual Report Design

d. MPUC Redesign

e. Atlantic Salmon Commission Redesign

f. Dirigo Health Accessibility Evaluation

g. DOL Template Header

C. New Service Requests/Prioritization

Please see board packet for project descriptions and prioritization forms for the following agency requested services: There are no prioritization forms this month.

D. Financial Summary

Carrie Gott reviews the financials for the months of September through November 2004.

Carrie notes a high expense for the month of September due to compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.


Q. In year-to-year comparisons gross revenue, would it be possible for InforME to annotate any exceptional instances?

A. (InforME) We would be happy to do that. As a note, the total represents the statutory fee collected.

II. Secretary of State Schedule A Addendum: Annual Report Fee Changes

Tim Poulin shares with Board the fee changes for the annual report filings. A statutory fee increase, based on last year’s budget, will go into effect January 1, 2005. As a result, the portal share has increased based on the increase in the fees. The Schedule shows a tiered revenue share based on individual filing amounts.


Q. Are there many late filings?

A. (Tim) A majority of all annual reports are filed on time.

Q, What are the annual report adoption rates?

A. (Tim) In 2004 the Annual Reports Online adoption rate was 69 percent. The usage increases every year. With the rollout of the XML filing with CT Corp, usage will increase.


The Chair recognizes that there is no quorum and therefore a vote cannot be taken. Staff to the Chair attempts to reach other board members but is unsuccessful. The Chair asks for the vote to be tabled for the January meeting.

Motion by: Dick Trahey

Seconded by: Cindy Butts


The Board votes unanimously to table the Schedule A Addendum until the January meeting with the expectation that a quorum will be present.

III. Board Membership Update

There are several board vacancies currently for which several names have been recommended. Secretary Gwadosky announces that he will remain on the InforME Board. Cindy Butts has made recommendations for several User Association vacancies, including Chris Pinkham from the Banking Association, and Linda Cohen has been recommended to fill the municipal seat. Letters will be prepared on behalf the Board recommending Mr. Pinkham and Ms. Cohen to the InforME Board. Legislation has been submitted to allow the CIO to become a member of the Board.

IV. Business Licensing Project Update (LD 1325)

The Chair provides the Board with an overview of the LD 1325 legislation.

A task force has been created to include agencies listed in the legislation. An informational website has been created to inform agencies and track project status of the business licensing project.


Carrie Gott will send the Board the url to the website.


Q. where will the service website live on

A. (InforME) It will be placed in the appropriate sections of the portal pages as well as be linked from the participating agency websites. The website will have its own unique brand.

V. Formation of Subcommittees

Contract negotiations included the board’s request for the creation of a finance and technical subcommittee. Although these sub committees were not included in the contract itself, the Board was clear on its intent to form these committees.

The Board suggests that recommendations of who will serve, beyond the Board, on these two committees be submitted and reviewed at the next Board meeting. The finance committee is suggested to meet quarterly. Both committees are expected to serve as part of the RFP process.

VI. Demos

A. Agency Template

The CIOs Office has been working with InforME to keep the agency webmasters up to date and has drafted a policy that is being reviewed by the ISMG.


Q. Are there agencies that do not have a website?

A. (InforME) Yes.

B. Webmaster Resource Center


Q. What's the difference between a technologist and the webmaster?

A. (CIO) The webmaster is less technically oriented but more business process oriented. These positions are usually homegrown by individuals who have taken the responsibility of keeping this information up to date.


InforME will send out the Webmaster Resource Center link and password info for those outside of the State WAN if requested.


Q. Have all agencies been notified about the site?

A. (InforME) The Webmaster Group and ISMG have been notified. There will eventually be a database of all agency webmasters to register themselves with the state CIO.

VII. Meeting adjourns

The Board Meeting adjourns at 2:45 p.m.

Next Meeting Date(s)

January 19, 2005 at 1:00 p.m.

February 16, 2005 at 1:00 p.m.