InforME Board Meeting

January 19, 2005

Board Members

Others Present

Meeting Opens

The Chair opens the meeting by reviewing the agenda items.

I. Secretary of State Schedule A Addendum: Annual Report Fee Changes

Tim Poulin informs the Board that the annual report fees increased as of January 1, 2005. InforME transaction fees are increasing accordingly to cover merchant costs and generate ongoing revenues.


Motion: Deborah Carson. Seconded: Dick Hinkley

The Board votes unanimously to accept the Secretary of State Schedule A Addendum changes.

II. Department of Health & Human Services, Schedule A Addendum: Eating and Lodging Licensing service

Carrie Gott provides the Board with an overview of the proposed licensing service. The Eating & Lodging Program currently accepts mail and telephone requests to apply or renew various types of eating, drinking, and other specialized licenses. The licenses are processed manually by reviewing forms, credential records, and verifying water test reports. The agency then data enters licensing information into a database to generate the new or renewed license and/or permit. Approximately 12,000 permit/license filings are processed annually. The desired system would require a license to be renewed via a Web browser. By entering identifiable information including license number, name and date of birth, the record would be retrieved from the agencies database and the customer would be able to update contact information, respond to education and certification questions, and provide payment with a valid Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card.

Business Case:

The Eating and Lodging Program will also be part of the business licensing one-stop project pilot.

Becky Vigue, representative from the Eating and Lodging Program, provides the Board with more detail on the agency’s internal business process. The agency is very excited to participate in the current licensing services already offered through InforME. Constituents have requested online renewal service for some time. The project would serve the public well, particularly given Maine’s geographical make up, which makes traveling to Augusta inconvenient. The current Eating and Lodging clerical staff has been reduced from three to one. The internal efficiencies that the service would create would be welcomed.


Motion: Marilyn Lutz. Seconded: Jaynie Higgins

The Board votes unanimously to accept the proposed Department of Health and Human Services, Schedule A Addendum for the Eating & Lodging Licensing Renewal service.

III. 2004 Statistics

Carrie Gott shares with the Board that there has been a 24 percent increase in visits to in 2004. Hit logs do not include InforME online services or agency sites whose domains are not tracked through LiveHelp hits, and state header hits have been adjusted so as not to inflate numbers. Definitions are provided on the 2004 statistics handout provided to the Board.


Q. Can you tell us a little more about the eGov event next week?

A. (Dick Thompson, CIO) The CIO’s office and InforME are hosting the Best of the Web award presentation event, during which Cathilea Robinet from the Center for Digital Government will present the first place award to Governor Baldacci.

Carrie Gott adds that at the event there will be six demo tables each providing a variety of service demos and fact sheets. The tables will be manned by InforME and agency staff. Carrie asks that the Board please join the event and invite others to do so as well as it should prove to be a wonderful event.

IV. Board Member Update

The Board Chair shares that there are four names, for Board membership, before the Governor’s Office, including Chris Pinkham, from the Bankers Association, and Linda Cohen, Portland City Clerk. In addition, the two board membership renewals coming up are also at the Executive Office.

The Chair updates the Board on progress of LD 101 – which allows the CIO to act as a voting member. The Chair of Government Committee is sponsoring the bill to be voted on next Monday. An Emergency Act would allow this to go into effect immediately rather than the normal 90 day wait period post the legislative session.

V. Formation of Subcommittees

The Chair provides the Board a document that lists the Board Subcommittees and respective members:

Technical Subcommittee

Financial Subcommittee

  • Dick Hinkley
  • Dick Thompson
  • Marilyn Lutz
  • Wayne Gallant
  • Robin Cyr
  • Put Armstrong
  • Gerry Dube
  • David Blocher
  • Nancy Armentrout
  • Matt Dunlap
  • Dick Hinkley
  • Dan Gwadosky
  • Denise Garland
  • Cindy Butts
  • Craig Hitchings

VI. Demos


Q. Can you check to see if a person is insured?

A. (InforME) No. This service was meant to serve a specific purpose for insurance companies to provide this to their customers.

VII. Executive Order

The CIO provides the Board of an overview of the Executive Order. The CIO Council created and put forth a plan to the Governor’s Office. The Order that was released on January 6, 2005, resulted in the reorganizing of their current infrastructure, and combines the state’s technology office and CIO office into one department.

Next Meeting Dates

February 16, 2005 at 1P

March 16, 2005 at 1P

Meeting Adjourns at 1:50 P