InforME Board Meeting - February 17, 2005

Board Members Present
Dan A. Gwadosky (Board Chair)
Dick Hinkley
Secretary Dunlap
Jaynie Higgins
Carrie Gott

Others Present
Dick Thompson - CIO
Denise Garland - Staff to the Chair
Kelly Hokkanen - InforME
Casey Faiman - InforME
Renee Loring - InforME

Meeting Opens
Carrie Gott opens to meeting by reviewing the agenda

I. GM Report

Carrie Gott provides the Board with an overview of the General Manager’s Report covering the months of December 2004 and January 2005.

A. Staff Update

Carrie welcomes new staff member Tim Swan, as InforME Web Designer/Webmaster. Tim has more than 15 years experience in Web design, consultation and advertising. He has worked in a variety of Web advertising and development firms and most recently owned and operated a business for more than five years.

Q. Has the Board been provided with an updated InforME organizational chart?
A. (InforME) We will provide the Board with an updated copy.

B. Portal Highlights

The Best of the Web Award presentation and eGovernment Summit was held on January 27 in the Maine Cultural Building Atrium. The event featured welcome and closing remarks delivered by Dick Thompson, CIO, a presentation of the Best of the Web Award by Cathilea Robinett (Executive Director of the Center for Digital Government) to Governor John E. Baldacci, and a presentation by Ms. Robinett of a Lifetime Achievement Award to Dan Gwadosky. Finally, the event featured showcase tables featuring different services. These tables were hosted by InforME staff as well as Maine agency staff.

InforME would like to recognize and thank the government agency partners who staffed the showcase tables.

Cross-Jurisdictional Services Highlights

Citizen Services

Public Safety Suite

Business Services

Sportsman Suite

In January, InforME entered a nomination for the 2005 Accenture and MIT Digital Government Awards. InforME nominated the Public Criminal Record application. Awards will be announced in April.

InforME delivered the following publications:

Casey Faiman presented to the Association of Construction and Financial Management on January 18. The presentation gave an overview of and the services available, and also included a demonstration of the Crash Reporting System, Driver Record Check, and Engineering License renewal.



Agency Meetings

Rapid Renewal Meetings



Q. Do we have a GIS map of towns that are online?
A. (InforME) We can provide a map of this.

Online Service and Website Highlights

Recent launches with high citizen benefit:

Consultation, Training and Web Initiative Highlights
InforME is providing ongoing support to agency webmasters for the new templates, Dreamweaver, AutoForms, and the What’s New tool, and continues to provide educational presentations at the monthly webmaster meetings.

C. Project Status

Free/Fee Services Launched

Creative Services/Web Design Launched

Free/Fee Services in progress

Creative Services/Web Design in progress

InforME will be meeting with Governor's Office to redesign website to fall into the template

D. New Service Requests/Prioritization

Please see board packet for project descriptions and prioritization forms for the following agency requested service:
Department of Human Resources Online Job Application

E. Financial Summary

Carrie Gott reviews the financials for the months of December 2004 through February 2005.


At the request of the Board, Carrie Gott provides the board with a more analytical financial breakdown and explains the differences in the growth of revenue. Carrie explains that a difference in net revenue is related to a one time special request order of crash data in month of December.

II. Strategic Plan Update

Carrie reviews the updates to 2004-2005 InforME Strategic Plan. Please see the InforME Board website for these updates.

Q. (InforME ) How would the board like to see these updates in the future?

A. (Chair) -The Board will review and place on the agenda for the next Board meeting.

A. (Board) The strategic plan posted to the website should be updated in accordance to the document.

III. Board Membership Update

The bill submitted to the Legislature to allow the state CIO to become an official member of the InforME Board has been engrossed and is on its way to the Senate for further action. A unanimous committee support of the bill should see enactment before the next Board meeting.

Other appointments based on Board recommendations are currently under review at the Executive Office.

IV. Other Items

The CIO informs the Board that a bill is before the Taxation Committee related to the opportunity for citizens to make monetary donations to state government agencies.

V. Meeting Adjourns

The InforME Board meeting adjourns at 1:48 p.m.

Next Meeting Date(s)
March 16, 2005 at 1:00 p.m.
April 13, 2005 at 1:00 p.m.