InforME Board Meeting

May 18, 2005

Board Members Present

Others Present

Meeting Opens

Action: The Board Chair opens the meeting by moving to implement a procedure whereas the InforME Board Meeting Minutes will be approved by the Board Chair prior to posting and distribution.

Seconded: Cindy Butts

The Board votes unanimously for the prior approval of the InforME Board Meeting Minutes, by the InforME Board Chair, prior to posting and distribution.

The Chair reviews the meeting agenda items and requests that agenda item III be moved after item IV due to schedule conflicts.

I. Burning Permit Service Level Agreement.

Carrie Gott provides the Board with an overview of the proposed burn permit service. Carrie informs the Board that the implementation of this service has been mandated by the State of Maine Legislature and calls for a July 1, 2005 service launch with the collaboration of InforME. The agency has been working with InforME to gather specifications for this service. The initial pilot project will include the participation of 200 municipalities.

Carrie Gott informs the Board that an Addendum will be attached to the original SLA to reflect a change in the fund flow. The change includes the deposit of the funds into an agency merchant account and not the InforME merchant account. however, tThe portal share will remain the same.

Carrie shares with the Board a recent meeting with Treasury where it has beenwas agreed upon that funds received from transactional based services from credit card sales, be directly deposited into a state merchant account. The Treasurer's Office informed us that this request has come from the State Auditors office. InforME is more than happy to comply.


Q. How many permits are issued per year?

A. (InforME) It’s difficult to estimate how many users will opt for the online service due to the transaction fee.

Q: Is there a difference in price if you get it online as opposed to the town office?

A: (Informe) Yes, the legislature has ruled to charge a small fee of $7.00 for the online service but the permit may be obtained for free from the town office.

Q: Can the town choose not to participate in the program?

A: (InforME) The town cannot not disallow online permit transactions.

Q: Is there a reason why we are voting on the implementation of a service that has been mandated by the legislature?

The Chair responds by asking InforME if it’s possible to coordinate, a meeting with the Department of Conservation, their presence so that they can to provide an overview of the details of this legislation including the effects it may have on the agency’s current fiscal budget.

Q: Would it be worthwhile to give a presentation to the new legislative leadership and provide them with an overview of InforME and its mission?

A. (Chair) When the InforME contract is renewed, it will provide a good opportunity to present to this to the legislature.

The Chair calls for a vote for approval to table the vote on the SLA and for the creation of a subcommittee to examine the issue further and to draft a letter to Conservation requesting their attendance at the next Board meeting.


Motion: Cindy Butts

Seconded: Matt Dunlap

The Board votes unanimously to table the vote June 15, 2005 and authorizes the Chair to create a subcommittee to further examine the Service Level Agreement request for the online Burn Permit service with the Department of Conservation. The Board also approves the letter draft inviting the Department to attend the next InforME Board Meeting.


The Board formed a sub group to meet with the agency to better understand system requirements and business processes', as well as to express the Board's concern regarding the importance of training, compliance, etc. The sub committee includes: Dick Thompson, Dan Gwadosky and Matt Dunlap. Tiffany Glidden and Casey Faiman from InforME will also attend the meeting.

Follow-up- The Board will follow up with a letter to the legislative committee to express concerns identified at the meeting.

The Board will pursue an opportunity to present an InforME overview to the Legislative council.

II. General Managers Report Follow-up

a. Carrie Gott provides the Board with an update of the financials from the February - March General Managers Report.

b. Carrie Gott introduces Erin Hutchins as InforME's new General Manager. Carrie has accepted the position as of General Manager for the state portal. Erin has been with NIC for six years working in several state portal offices. Erin brings with her a new perspective and energy to the position.

On behalf of the Board, the Chair thanks Carrie for maintaining the portal at such a high status over the years and wishes her luck in her future endeavors.

Erin Hutchins provides the Board with an overview of her NIC experience and her excitement in joining the Maine team. Erin will join the Maine team full time on May 31, 2005.

III. State IT Restructuring Overview

The State of Maine CIO and Board Chair, Dick Thompson, hands out to the Board an IT Governance Deployment Strategy and Process document which outlines the structure and implementation plan that marks the first and vital steps to Maine’s IT IT infrastructure reform. Highlights of the document include:

The Chair notes that there is a high level of agency participation and expectation to be involved in technology.

IV. Demos

InforME provides the Board with demonstrations on the following services currently in development

V. Executive Session

The Executive Committee, made up of a group of volunteers, discussed the following items:

Next Board Meeting - June 15, 2005 at 1P

Meeting adjourns at 2:40P