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At the core of our bureau's long and proud history stand the men and women who perform this important work.

The title of Maine Game Warden is one of honor and prestige. You will earn respect as a person who enforces the law, protects our natural resources, protects the public, and protects the freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

It is critically important that we take great care in selecting new Game Wardens. Across all our diverse operational teams, each individual who wears our badge must take on the inherent dangers of the job while representing the State of Maine as a courteous, genuine, consummate professional.

When the next hiring opportunity becomes available, we will again look for candidates who have the right balance of practical skills, productive experience, and positive attitude.

Individuals who are interested in a career as a Maine Game Warden can prepare for the hiring process by being active in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and trapping, becoming familiar with Maine's hunting and fishing laws and rules, and learning more about Maine's fish and wildlife resources. Although a college degree is not required to apply, some candidates choose to pursue a college degree in a field of study such as criminal justice, wildlife ecology, or fisheries management.

You might enjoy being a Maine Game Warden if...

You like to help people

It's often your job as a Game Warden to provide help and advice in times of crisis, and in doing so you can make a big impact on people's lives. You can help a child learn what to do if they get lost, and you can teach people how to be safer and have more fun in the outdoors. Every day, you will go home knowing that you have made a difference.

You'd rather have a daily challenge than a daily routine...

When you go to work as a Maine Game Warden, you never know for sure what you will be doing that day. You could be educating the public regarding laws, investigating crimes, finding a lost or missing child, arresting a wanted person, or any one of a thousand other things. There is certainly no monotony in this job.

...but you appreciate a solid long-term plan

While the daily work of a Maine Game Warden is unpredictable, the career is a very stable one. In addition to job security and a clear ladder, the pay is good, the benefits are usually very good, and there is an excellent pension.

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