Your Shot to Get Outdoors

Maine's covid-19 vaccine incentive program Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I learn more about Maine’s COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program?
You can learn more by visiting

If I have already received the Covid-19 vaccine, do I qualify to receive a free hunting or fishing license?
No, Maine’s COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program applies to any Maine resident age 18 and older who gets their first shot of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine in Maine between May 11 and May 31.

If I get my vaccine between May 11 and May 31 but I already have a valid hunting or fishing license, can I get my license fee reimbursed?
No, if you currently have a hunting and fishing license you will need to select a different incentive as we cannot offer a refund for your license. To learn more about the Maine’s COVID-19 Vaccine Incentive Program, visit

If I get my Covid-19 vaccine between May 11 and May 31 and choose to receive a free fishing or hunting license, how do I obtain my license?
Once you register for the incentive program you will receive a voucher with more information on how to obtain your license. You can register for the program online.