Fishing Opportunities in the Katahdin Region

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Stream/River Fishing For Brook Trout

Wassataquoik Stream to East Branch of the Penobscot River

  • Wild brook trout
  • Very Scenic

East Branch Mattawamkeag River from Oakfield to Haynesville

  • Wild brook trout
  • Very Scenic

West Branch Mattawamkeag River from Mattawamkeag Lake to Haynesville

  • Wild brook trout
  • Very Scenic

Sourdnahunk Stream from Sourdnahunk Lake to Penobscot River.

  • Wild brook trout
  • Fly fishing only
  • Children under 16 may use artificial lures

East Branch Penobscot River from Matagamon Dam to the Oxbow

  • Wild brook trout
  • Fishing with artificial lures only
  • Children under 16 may fish under NLFAB regulation downstream to Magee Brook

Seboeis River, T5 R7 WELS

  • Wild brook trout
  • Scenic canoe trip from Whitehorse Lake

Millinocket Stream, Millinocket and T1R8 WELS

  • Stocked brook trout
  • Open all year

East Branch Pleasant River, TB R10

  • Wild brook trout

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Walk-In Ponds, Brook Trout

Baxter State Park, wild trout waters

Pogy Pond, T4 R8

Weed Pond, T4 R8

Russell Pond, T4 R8

Lower Fowler Pond, T6 R9 Fly fishing only

Basin Ponds, T3 R9

Rocky Pond and Little Rocky Pond, T3 R10 Artificial lures only

Jackson Pond, T3 R10 Fly fishing only

Billfish Pond, T6R9 WELS

Frost Pond, T6R9 WELS

Baxter State Park, stocked trout waters

Celia Pond, T3 R10 Fly fishing only

Billfish Pond, T6 R9

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Other Walk-In Trout Ponds

Twin Ponds, T2 R9

Little Hurd Pond, T2 R10

Ireland Pond (T7R8 WELS)

Turtle Pond, Lakeview Plt.

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Brook Trout Waters

Sourdnahunk Lake, T4 R10

Lower South Branch Pond, T5 R9

Kidney Pond, T3 R10

  • Fly fishing only

Daicey Pond, T3 R10

  • Fly fishing only

B Pond, TB R10

Little Huston Pond, T6R9 NWP

Loon Pond,T40 MD

Crystal Pond, T40 MD

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Splake Waters

Lower Togue Pond, T2 R9

Seboeis Lake, T4R9 NWP

Endless Lake, T3R9 NWP

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Lake Trout Fishing

Matagamon Lake, T6 R8

Millinocket Lake, T1 R8

Pemadumcook Lake, T1 R10

Hurd Pond, T2 R10

First Debsconeag Lake, T2 R10

Third Debsconeag Lake, T1 R10

Schoodic Lake, Lakeview Plt.

East Grand Lake , Weston

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Landlocked Salmon Rivers

West Branch Penobscot River, Ripogenus Dam to Ambajejus Lake

East Branch Penobscot River, Matagamon Dam to Grand Pitch

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Landlocked Salmon Lakes

Millinocket Lake, T1 R8

Upper Jo Mary Lake, TA R10

East Grand Lake , Weston

West Lake , T3ND

Duck Lake, T4ND

Pleasant Lake, Island Falls

Schoodic Lake, Lakeview

Deering Lake, Weston

Matagamon Lake, T6R8 WELS

Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes, T1R9 WELS

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Brooks/Streams For Wild/Native Brook Trout

Webster Stream, T6 R10 and T6 R9

Trout Brook, T6 R9

Katahdin Stream, T3 R10

Sandy Stream, T3 R8

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Brown Trout Waters

Nicatous Lake (T40 MD)

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Stream/River Fishing For Bass

Penobscot River, Medway to Bangor

  • Premiere smallmouth bass fishing
  • Mostly boat fishing

East Branch Penobscot River, Whetstone Falls to Medway

  • Shore and/or canoe fishing

Piscataquis River from Milo to Howland

  • Fast fishing for smallmouth bass
  • Scenic canoe trip

Mattawamkeag River from Haynesville to Town of Mattawamkeag

  • Fast fishing for smallmouth bass
  • Scenic canoe trip
  • Incredible wildlife river

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Private Lands

Many of Maine's fisheries can only be accessed by using private lands. Please treat all lands you use with respect. Please, try to leave the woods and waters better than you found them to help ensure future access. Thank You.

Illegal introductions

Illegal introductions can destroy native fish populations and alter the ecology of Maine's waters, FOREVER! Introducing any fish species or possessing or transporting any live fish (except baitfish) is illegal. These are Class E Crimes punishable by a fine of $10,000 and may result in the suspension of all Department-issued licenses and permits.

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