Maine Amphibian & Reptile Atlasing Project

From 1986-1990, MDIFW, in cooperation with Maine Audubon and the University of Maine, conducted the Maine Amphibian and Reptile Atlasing Project (MARAP). During a four-year period, over 250 volunteers from around the state contributed approximately 1,200 records of observations of amphibians and reptiles. This initiative culminated in the 1992 publication of the book The Amphibians and Reptiles of Maine. The first edition sold out within two years of publication.

By 1998, considerable new data had been compiled and there was increasing demand for updated information on the state's amphibians and reptiles. Editors Malcolm Hunter, Jr., Aram Calhoun, and Mark McCollough revised a second edition, incorporating information from 1,300 new records into updated range maps and species narratives, and added color photographs and a CD of the calls of the frogs and toads of Maine. Copies of the updated 1999 edition of Maine Amphibians and Reptiles can be ordered for $19.95 from the IF&W Online Store.

MDIFW continues this atlasing work and maintains a comprehensive database on the distribution of Maine's 34 amphibian and reptile species. Though most of this work is opportunistic, as of Summer 2012 over 6,500 entries from more than 600 volunteers have been logged. There is much still to learn regarding the distribution and ecology of Maine’s herptofauna, and we encourage members of the public to share their photo-documented observations by submitting a MARAP reporting form (PDF).

Please submit observations of any of the four state-listed reptiles ? Eastern Box Turtle (Endangered), Blanding's Turtle (Endangered), Spotted Turtle (Threatened), and Black Racer (Endangered) -- to MDIFW immediately (Phillip or call 207-941-4239).

This work is supported by volunteer assistance, the federal State Wildlife Grants program, and state revenues from the Loon Conservation Plate and Chickadee Check-off funds.

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