Region B

To see a map and information about one of the Wildlife Management Areas, select the area of interest on the map or from one of the links below. A table showing recreational opportunities is also available. Also shown on the map are other conservation lands in the region (as stippled areas), township outlines, and waterbodies.

Region B Map Main Office Bangor Hdqtrs Regional Hdqtrs Regional Headquarters Main Office

* Warden Service regions differ.

Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs)

1 - Alonzo H. Garcelon WMA

2 - Cambridge WMA

3 - Caesar Pond WMA

4 - Erle R. Kelley (Dresden Bog) WMA

5 - Gene Letourneau (Frye Mountain) WMA

6 - Gawler WMA

7 - Howard L. Mendall (Marsh stream) WMA

8 - Jamies (Jimmie) Pond WMA

9 - Madawaska Bog WMA

10 - Martin Stream WMA

11 - James Dorso (Ruffingham Meadow) WMA

12 - St. Albans WMA

13 - Sandy Point (Stowers Meadow) WMA

14 - Steve Powell (Swan Island) WMA

15 - Tyler Pond WMA

16 - R. Waldo Tyler (Weskeag Marsh) WMA

Ducktrap River WMA

Hurds Pond WMA

Merrymeeting Bay WMA

Plymouth Bog WMA

Sherman Lake WMA

Tolla Wolla WMA

Facilities in the Region:

Main Office, Augusta

Region B Headquarters (includes Warden Service)

Fish Hatcheries