Private Lands

Maine's private landowners own over 95% of the state's land. Corporate forest landowners own nearly half the state; small woodlot owners, farmers, and residential landowners own much of the remainder. Private landowners are integral to the conservation of our wildlife heritage and natural resources and are often committed in principle to stewardship of endangered or threatened species.

Our ability to educate, partner and offer technical guidance for landowners extends the capability of the Department to fulfill its management responsibilities with respect to all of the State's wildlife resources.

The Department achieves this in a variety of ways;

  • Guiding development through our Beginning with Habitat program,
  • Entering cooperative agreements with landowners to manage critical habitat,
  • Continuing to work with landowners to maintain Bald Eagle habitat
  • Current recovery effort for New England Cottontail
  • Providing information on managing specific habitats,
  • Identifying sensitive habitats for conservation priority or specific management techniques,
  • Using state Wildlife Management Areas to demonstrate habitat management techniques,
  • The public contacting regional biologists for technical guidance, and
  • Highlighting available resources.

Landowner surveys show an increasing trend of wildlife as a priority management objective for landowners. Likewise, the Department has identified wildlife and habitat priorities across the State. Whenever we can align landowner objectives and statewide objectives everyone wins.

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