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LD 1818 - Resolve To Evaluate the All-Payer Claims Database System for the State

Stakeholder Work Group

February 25, 2013

Good afternoon,

We are posting a modification to the cover letter from the co-chairs which accompanies the LD 1818 final report  (which was posted and sent to you last week). There was concern by an LD 1818 Group member that the cover letter used the term  “consensus statement.”  That concern was legitimate given that the term consensus can mean different things to different people.   For that reason, the cover letter was modified to read:    


As chairs of the working group convened under Resolve Chapter 109 (2011), Resolve to Evaluate the All Payer Claims Database of the State, we are pleased to present you with the working group’s report on health care data in Maine. The report is the product of a diverse multi-stakeholder group in which all sectors of Maine’s health care industry and customers were represented.  The Report is a consensus statement of the group which consisted of 17 diverse interests and input from more than 90 stakeholders, representing individual customers, payers, insurers, providers, businesses, public and private entities, health care information organizations, and others.   

It is important to note that the term “consensus” reflects what may be called the lowest common denominator--the most basic level of opinion among this group of people.  Some members viewed the report as a “floor” and wanted the report to be more strident in its recommendations, while others a “ceiling.”  (Attached to this report are comments on both ends of the spectrum.)  

We believe that the report will serve you and future Legislators as a current description of Maine’s health data structures and as a summary of the future uses and expectations of these data in policy formulation, health system improvement, and public awareness.

We trust that this modification provides the context for the use of this term. 

Thank you, again, for all of your efforts on this Work Group. 



On behalf of Josh and Colin.     



Final Report
Communication: Admin support email 7-31-12 LD 1818  (.doc*)

Subcommittees Process and Updates

Theme 2 Data Process Structure

Theme 2 (.ppt*)

Subcommittee Meetings Information:

Thursday October 18th: Theme 2: 1:30-3:30pm Room 401 Cross Office Building Augusta

Theme 4 Consumer Engagement

Theme 4 (.ppt*)

Theme 4 Consumer Engagement Committee Recommendations from 10/15/12 meeting:

Legislative documents

Resource Materials

Protected Health Information (PHI)
All Payer Claims Database (APCD)
  • Overview: Patrick Miller APCD Council (pdf*)
  • Governance/Policy - Slide 6 Governance, Slide 7 Policy and Regulation, Slide 8 Technical Operations, Slide 9 - 10 Funding - (.pdf)
  • What Can Be Measured? (.pdf)
  • Technical and Analytic - work group discussions of key issues and enhancements (.pdf)




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Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (Themes 1-4)
July 19, 2012
June 14, 2012
May 10, 2012
  • Agenda (.doc)
  • Minutes 5/10/12 (word*)
  • Attendance (excel*)
  • All Payer Claims Data Base
  • Data Processing Center (.ppt | .pdf)
  • Health Data Workgroup Report (.pdf)
  • Health Dialog Analysis: Geographic Variation
  • (.pdf)
  • Health Dialog Analysis: Maine Paid Claims Database (.pdf)
  • MHDO Assessment 12/05/2010 (.pdf)
  • MHDO Legislative History (.doc)
  • MHDO Program (.ppt | .pdf)
April 4, 2012
  • Agenda (.doc)
  • Meeting Notes (.doc)
  • Selection of Chair (.doc)
  • Votes - Chair (.xls)
  • Workgroup Attendance (.xls)