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Welcome to the Maine Climate Council homepage. Information about the Council and its working groups is given below. Please visit the individual web pages of working groups on the left hand side of this page for information about upcoming meetings, agendas and meeting materials, and minutes from past meetings.

As our state responds to the COVID-19 crisis, addressing climate change remains a high priority.

Maine Won't Wait, A Four-Year Plan for Climate Action

Read the Plan: (PDF), HTML5 Flipbook) (Executive Summary, PDF)

Implementation table: (PDF)

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The Maine Climate Council has the following subcommittees & working groups: 

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Please visit the contact form here (link) and submit your comment to one of the Maine Climate Council's working groups or staff. We will pass your comment or suggestion along to the relevant working group and follow up if necessary. 

Climate Council Timeline:

  • September 26, 2019: Maine Climate Council launches in its first quarterly meeting
  • October 2019–June 2020: Climate Council working groups meet, propose solutions. Working groups include Science & Technical Subcommittee; Transportation; Buildings, Housing & Infrastructure; Energy; Coastal & Marine; Working Lands; and Resilience, Public Health & Emergency Management
    • All meetings are open to the public and can be found on each working group's webpage
  • January 29, 2020: second Maine Climate Council quarterly meeting
  • February 2020Scientific Assessment of Climate Change and Its Effects in Maine, Phase I Working Document (PDF), from the Maine Climate Council's Scientific and Technical Subcommittee
  • June 17 and 18, 2020: third Maine Climate Council quarterly meeting, working groups present draft strategies to the Maine Climate Council
  • Summer 2020: Maine Climate Council considers draft strategies; receives cost-of-doing-nothing and cost-benefit analysis reports from external analysts Eastern Research Group and Synapse; and gathers public input on the draft strategies
  • Fall 2020: Maine Climate Council refines and selects final strategies and prepares State Climate Action Plan (2 meetings planned; see quarterly meetings page (link) for more details)
  • December 1, 2020: 4-year State Climate Action Plan due to the Governor and Legislature, who will consider and decide any legislative and rulemaking actions to enact into law
  • Ongoing Work: Climate Council to meet quarterly to monitor progress and working groups to meet at least twice a year to monitor progress; GHG emissions reporting every other year by Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Climate Action Plan updates every 4 years
  • January 2021: The Maine Climate Council's annual report is delivered.

For more information on this initiative, email Cassaundra Rose.

Looking for more information about the impacts of climate change in Maine? Visit the Department of Environmental Protection's Climate hub by clicking here.