Resources for...


Guidance for candidates for Governor, the Legislature, county and municipal offices on campaign finance requirements, the Maine Clean Election Act (MCEA), and personal financial statements.


Forms and guidance materials for Party Committees, Political Action Committees (PACs), and Ballot Question Committees.

Political Activity

Guidance for members of the public on making contributions, independent expenditures, and MCEA contributions; information on contributions to and expenditures by committees.


Guidance and advice for lobbyists, e.g. how to register, reporting requirements, gifts to officials, etc.


Advice to sitting Legislators on ethical issues such as conflicts of interest, accepting gifts/travel, and bidding on state contracts; guidance on filing personal financial statements.

Municipal Candidates and Committees

Guidance for candidates and political committees involved in municipal elections on campaign finance requirements.

Executive Employees

Guidance on filing the annual personal financial statements; archives of statements by executive employees.