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Contributions and Expenditures

Contributions by a Party Committee

A party committee may make a contribution directly to a candidate, provided that the candidate is not participating in the Maine Clean Election Act program. The party committee may not contribute more than the contribution limits for candidates. Party committees may also make contributions to PACs and party committees, and those contributions are not subject to a contribution limit.

Expenditures by Party Committee

Party committees may make expenditures to support or oppose candidates or ballot questions. Party committees that spend money in coordination or in consultation with a candidate are considered to have made a contribution to the candidate. For more information, please read Spending Money in Cooperation with Campaigns located under the Guide to Political Activity section.

Party committees may spend an unlimited amount of funds to support or oppose a candidate, provided that the expenditure is made independently of the candidate. Please read Independent Expenditures located under the Guide to Political Activity section for more information.

Contributing to a Party Committee

There is no limitation on the amount of money a contributor may give to a party committee. Unions and corporations may make contributions to party committees from their general treasuries. Funds that an organization earmarks or directs through a party committee to a specific candidate are considered to be a contribution by the organization to the candidate.