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List of Candidates in the 2006 General Election

last updated August 29, 2006

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D - Democrat
G - Green Independent
R - Republican
U - Unenrolled

Financing Status
MCEA - certified for public financing through the Maine Clean Election Act
DOI - signed the Declaration of Intent to Seek Certification as a Maine Clean Election Act Candidate
Private - privately financed
Exempt - exempt from campaign finance reporting requirements

Office Sought
Last Name
First Name
County Commissioner Androscoggin -None- Poulin Helen Democratic Private
County Commissioner Aroostook -None- Adams Paul Unenrolled Exempt
County Commissioner Cumberland -None- Austin Alfred Republican Private
County Commissioner Cumberland -None- Shaughnessy Malory Democratic Private
County Commissioner Franklin -None- Gilmore Meldon Republican Exempt
County Commissioner Hancock -None- Brown Percy Republican Private
County Commissioner Hancock -None- Kettis Par Democratic Private
County Commissioner Kennebec -None- Rines Nancy Democratic Private
County Commissioner Knox -None- Beebe-Center Anne Democratic Private
County Commissioner Knox -None- Carter Bradford Unenrolled Private
County Commissioner Lincoln -None- Blodgett William Democratic Private
County Commissioner Oxford -None- Jackson Caldwell Republican Private
County Commissioner Oxford -None- Rainey Wade Democratic Private
County Commissioner Penobscot -None- Stanley Stephen Democratic Private
County Commissioner Piscataquis -None- Ward Eric Republican Private
County Commissioner Sagadahoc -None- Tainter Arthur Republican Exempt
County Commissioner Somerset -None- Roy Philip Republican Private
County Commissioner Somerset -None- Mealey Robert Democratic Private
County Commissioner Somerset -None- York Gerald Democratic Private
County Commissioner Waldo -None- Boetsch Charles Unenrolled Private
County Commissioner Waldo -None- Berry Donald Republican Private
County Commissioner Washington -None- Crowley John Republican Exempt
County Commissioner York -None- Mills Bobby "Bob" Unenrolled Private
County Commissioner York -None- Chandler Sallie Democratic Private
County Commissioner York -None- Hendrick Douglas Republican Private
County Commissioner York -None- Cabral Daniel Democratic Private
County Commissioner York -None- Dutremble Richard Democratic Private
County Commissioner York -None- Furbish Jeffrey Republican Private
County Commissioner York -None- Giroux Richard Republican Private
County Commissioner York -None- Layman Gloria Democratic Private
County Commissioner York -None- Meserve Marc Republican Private
County Treasurer Androscoggin -None- Poulin Robert Democratic Private
County Treasurer Aroostook -None- Bell Wilfred Democratic Private
County Treasurer Cumberland -None- Ridge John Republican Private
County Treasurer Cumberland -None- Gurney Diane Democratic Private
County Treasurer Franklin -None- Robinson Karen Republican Exempt
County Treasurer Hancock -None- Crowley Sally Democratic Exempt
County Treasurer Kennebec -None- Crockett Robert Democratic Private
County Treasurer Lincoln -None- Williams Donald Republican Exempt
County Treasurer Oxford -None- Prue Mary Ann Democratic Private
County Treasurer Oxford -None- Ferguson Norman Republican Private
County Treasurer Penobscot -None- Tremble Daniel Democratic Exempt
County Treasurer Piscataquis -None- Raymond J. Paul Republican Private
County Treasurer Sagadahoc -None- Price Karen Republican Exempt
County Treasurer Somerset -None- Rotondi Tracey Democratic Private
County Treasurer Waldo -None- Parkman David Republican Private
County Treasurer Washington -None- Holmes Jill Republican Exempt
County Treasurer York -None- Auclair Nancy Democratic Private
County Treasurer York -None- Atwood James Republican Private
District Attorney Androscoggin -None- Anderson Stephanie Republican Exempt
District Attorney Androscoggin -None- Croteau Norman Democratic Private
District Attorney Aroostook -None- Adams Neale Democratic Exempt
District Attorney Hancock -None- Juskewitch Steven Unenrolled Private
District Attorney Hancock -None- Povich Michael Republican Private
District Attorney Kennebec -None- Fowle Evert Democratic Private
District Attorney Knox -None- Rushlau Geoffrey Republican Private
District Attorney Penobscot -None- Almy R. Christopher Democratic Exempt
District Attorney Waldo -None- Baiungo Joseph Unenrolled Private
District Attorney York -None- Lawrence Mark Democratic Private
Governor -None- -None- Woodcock Chandler Republican MCEA
Governor -None- -None- LaMarche Patricia Green Independent MCEA
Governor -None- -None- Merrill Barbara Unenrolled MCEA
Governor -None- -None- Baldacci John Democratic Private
Governor -None- -None- Hammer Alex Unenrolled Private
Governor -None- -None- Jones David Unenrolled Private
Governor -None- -None- Michael John Unenrolled Private
Governor -None- -None- Coyne Bruce Unenrolled Private
Governor -None- -None- Fleming Bruce Unenrolled Private
Governor -None- -None- NaPier Phillip Unenrolled Private
Judge of Probate Androscoggin -None- Couturier Robert Democratic Exempt
Judge of Probate Cumberland -None- Mazziotti Joseph Democratic Exempt
Judge of Probate Franklin -None- Morton Richard Republican Exempt
Judge of Probate Hancock -None- Patterson James Republican Exempt
Judge of Probate Kennebec -None- Mitchell James Democratic Exempt
Judge of Probate Knox -None- Emery Carol Republican Exempt
Judge of Probate Washington -None- Holmes Lyman Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Androscoggin -None- Chouinard Tina Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Aroostook -None- Caron Louise Democratic Exempt
Register of Deeds Aroostook -None- Brown Patricia Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Cumberland -None- Lovley Pamela Democratic Private
Register of Deeds Cumberland -None- Chapman Donna Republican Private
Register of Deeds Franklin -None- Black Susan Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Hancock -None- Curtis Julie Republican Private
Register of Deeds Kennebec -None- Bustin-Hatheway Beverly Democratic Private
Register of Deeds Lincoln -None- Silva Marcia Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Oxford -None- Rich Jane Democratic Exempt
Register of Deeds Oxford -None- Watson Jean Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Penobscot -None- Bulay Susan Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Piscataquis -None- Smith Linda Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Sagadahoc -None- Trott Barbara Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Somerset -None- Clement Deborah Republican Private
Register of Deeds Somerset -None- Godin Diane Democratic Private
Register of Deeds Waldo -None- Page Deloris Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds Washington -None- Strout Sharon Republican Exempt
Register of Deeds York -None- Anderson Debra Democratic Exempt
Register of Probate Aroostook -None- Carpenter Joanne Democratic Exempt
Register of Probate Kennebec -None- Ayers Kathleen Democratic Exempt
Register of Probate Lincoln -None- Fossett Chester Republican Exempt
Register of Probate Penobscot -None- Woodcock Allan Republican Exempt
Register of Probate Piscataquis -None- Raymond Judith Republican Exempt
Register of Probate Washington -None- Holmes Carlene Republican Exempt
Representative -None- 1 Jackson Troy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 2 Theriault Charles Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 3 Learnard Robert Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 3 Ayotte Bernard Republican Private
Representative -None- 4 Edgecomb Peter Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 4 Bernard Charles Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 5 Fischer Jeremy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 5 Smith Zachary Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 6 Lundeen Jacqueline Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 6 Clark Tyler Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 7 Churchill John Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 7 Sutherland Patricia Democratic Private
Representative -None- 8 Flewelling Dale Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 8 Cleary Richard Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 9 Cameron Jeanne Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 9 Joy Henry Republican Private
Representative -None- 10 Clark Herbert Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 10 Anderson Kenneth Republican Private
Representative -None- 11 Turner Beth Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 11 McLeod Everett Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 12 Gifford Jeffery Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 12 Kirkpatrick David Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 13 Duchesne Robert Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 13 Gavett Andrew Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 14 Donovan Riley Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 14 Blanchard Richard Democratic Private
Representative -None- 15 Norton Jacqueline Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 15 Dunbar Scott Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 16 Blanchette Patricia Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 16 Stimpson Tina Republican Private
Representative -None- 17 Faircloth Sean Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 17 Kasten John Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 17 Turcotte Michael Unenrolled Private
Representative -None- 18 Dunn Michael Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 18 Simpson John Republican Private
Representative -None- 19 Cain Emily Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 19 Cowan Lance Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 20 Pratt Benjamin Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 20 Hall Darren Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 21 Fisher Charles Democratic Private
Representative -None- 21 Rogers, Jr. William Republican Private
Representative -None- 22 Greeley Christian Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 22 Lamborn Ben Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 23 Richardson David Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 23 Shepley Donald Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 24 Thomas Douglas Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 24 Denis Craig Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 25 Dort Richard Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 25 Tardy Joshua Republican Private
Representative -None- 26 Annis James Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 26 Philbrick Daniel Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 27 Erdo Julius Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 27 Richardson Earl Republican Private
Representative -None- 28 Hogate Jeanne Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 28 Cray Dean Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 29 Clement Arthur Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 29 Fitts Stacey Republican Private
Representative -None- 30 McFadden Howard Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 30 Goodwin Albion Democratic Private
Representative -None- 31 Perry Anne Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 31 Alexander Judith Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 32 Emery Harold Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 32 Prescott Harold Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 33 Norton Clifford Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 33 Tibbetts Joseph Republican Private
Representative -None- 34 Eaton Robert Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 34 Bierman L. Earl Republican Private
Representative -None- 35 Koffman Theodore Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 35 Partridge David Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 36 Pingree Hannah Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 36 Joy Seth Republican Private
Representative -None- 37 Sullivan Kerry Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 37 Schatz James Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 37 Bauer F. Robert Unenrolled MCEA
Representative -None- 38 Savage Steven Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 38 Crosthwaite Robert Republican Private
Representative -None- 39 Higgins David Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 39 Duprey Brian Republican Private
Representative -None- 40 Rosen Kimberley Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 40 Leclerc Brenda Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 41 Weddell Lance Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 41 Lindell R. Kenneth Republican Private
Representative -None- 42 Gilbert Donna Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 42 Thibodeau Michael Republican Private
Representative -None- 43 Giles Jayne Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 43 Ash Walter Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 44 Walker Robert Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 44 Misluk Peter Patrick Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 45 Harmon R. Ryan Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 45 Piotti John Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 46 Bowen Stephen Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 46 Miramant David Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 47 Mazurek Edward Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 47 Raye James Republican Private
Representative -None- 48 Rector Christopher Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 48 Glover Nancy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 49 Richardson Wesley Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 49 Cowan Diane Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 50 Pieh Wendy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 50 Tainter, Jr. Arthur Republican Private
Representative -None- 51 McKane Jonathan Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 51 Dickens Ellen Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 52 Miller Elizabeth Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 52 McKeen William Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 53 Rines Peter Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 53 Sutter William Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 54 Fletcher Kenneth Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 54 Fredette Kevin Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 55 Cotta H. David Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 55 Thompson Judd Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 56 Silsby Kimberly Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 56 Davis Kimberly Republican Private
Representative -None- 57 Ellis Rachel Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 57 Crockett Patsy Garside Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 58 LeGendre Alexis Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 58 Browne William Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 59 Hanley Stephen Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 59 Soule Laura Republican Private
Representative -None- 60 Scease Jane Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 60 Prescott Kerri Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 61 MacDonald W. Bruce Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 61 Bailey William Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 62 Watson Thomas Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 62 Gethicker Shawn Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 63 Priest Charles Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 63 McKenna Amy Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 64 Percy Leila Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 64 Garrison Chester Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 65 Wasserott Susan Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 65 Grose Carol Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 66 Rider Todd Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 66 Gerzofsky Stanley Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 66 Frans David Green Independent MCEA
Representative -None- 67 Hobart Brian Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 67 Berry Seth Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 68 Desgrosseilliers Sheila Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 68 Beaulieu Michael Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 69 Potvin Ronald Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 69 Simpson Deborah Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 70 Carrier Guy Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 70 Samson Mark Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 71 Makas Elaine Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 71 Babine, Sr. John Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 72 Hughes David Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 72 Walcott William Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 73 Lachance Laurier Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 73 Wagner Richard Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 74 Craven Margaret Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 74 Painter John Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 75 Lansley Scott Republican Private
Representative -None- 75 Grefer-Kirkland Kathryn Democratic Private
Representative -None- 76 Canavan Marilyn Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 76 Tyler Mark Republican Private
Representative -None- 77 Trinward Pamela Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 77 Duperry Christopher Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 78 Conover Jill Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 78 Purnell II Kevin Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 78 Fisher Mark Unenrolled Private
Representative -None- 79 Treat Sharon Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 79 Sirois David Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 80 Smith Nancy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 80 Thomson George Republican Private
Representative -None- 81 Souther Clark Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 81 Knight L. Gary Republican Private
Representative -None- 82 Flood Patrick Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 82 Jenkins Priscilla Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 83 Jones Deane Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 83 Holman Abigail Republican Private
Representative -None- 84 Reny Joshua Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 84 Finch Edward Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 85 Hatch Pamela Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 85 Finley Donna Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 86 Curtis Philip Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 86 Susi Ted Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 87 Pineau Raymond Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 87 Reid William Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 88 Tessier Paul Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 88 Pinkham Sr. Wright Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 89 Harvell Lance Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 89 Mills Janet Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 90 Saviello Thomas Unenrolled MCEA
Representative -None- 90 Collins Maxine Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 91 Carter Timothy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 91 Bessey Nancy Republican Private
Representative -None- 92 Patrick John Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 92 Smith Paula Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 93 Arsenault Reginald Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 93 Hotham Randy Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 94 Hayes Terry Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 94 Hanley Bruce Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 95 Gedat Roy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 95 Millett H. Sawin Republican Private
Representative -None- 96 Bryant-Deschenes Joan Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 96 Sirois Lawrence Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 97 Muse Roberta Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 97 Turner Marlee Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 98 Sykes Richard Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 98 Rollins Sheila Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 99 Smith Katherine Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 99 Cressey Philip Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 100 Hamper James Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 100 Bradley James Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 101 Bossie Thomas Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 101 Cebra Richard Republican Private
Representative -None- 102 Moore Gary Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 102 Shaw Michael Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 103 Bauer Lu Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 103 Robinson John Republican Private
Representative -None- 104 Berube Robert Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 104 Grant Prudence Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 105 Vaughan Michael Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 105 Rheault Christopher Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 106 Webster David Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 106 Migliaccio Marguerite Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 107 Woodbury Richard Unenrolled MCEA
Representative -None- 107 Bicknell Brian Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 108 Damon Donna Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 108 Strang Burgess Meredith Republican Private
Representative -None- 109 Graham Anne Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 109 Austin Susan Republican Private
Representative -None- 110 Bryant Mark Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 110 Haskell Clayton Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 111 Heckman Geoffrey Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 111 Plummer Gary Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 112 Savage David Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 112 Elliott Debbie Democratic Private
Representative -None- 113 Brautigam John Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 113 Elowitch David Republican Private
Representative -None- 114 Marley Boyd Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 114 Forbis Sharon Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 115 Loring Melinda Republican Exempt
Representative -None- 115 Cummings Glenn Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 115 O'Brien Murrough Green Independent Private
Representative -None- 116 Harlow Charles Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 116 Gauger Janette Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 117 Haskell Anne Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 117 Safarik John Green Independent Private
Representative -None- 117 Pelletier David Republican Private
Representative -None- 118 Hinck Jon Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 118 Eder John Green Independent MCEA
Representative -None- 119 Adams Herbert Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 119 Reading Matthew Green Independent MCEA
Representative -None- 119 Lavoie Jason Republican Private
Representative -None- 120 Rand Anne Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 120 Meiklejohn Benjamin Green Independent MCEA
Representative -None- 120 Ferland Jeffrey Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 121 Dill Cynthia Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 121 Duddy Jennifer Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 122 Nixon Paul Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 122 Bliss Lawrence Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 122 Laidley William Green Independent Private
Representative -None- 123 Eberle Jane Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 123 Crosby Gary Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 124 Souza Andrew Green Independent Exempt
Representative -None- 124 Kaenrath Bryan Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 124 Feeney David Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 125 Peoples Ann Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 125 Cramer Lyle Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 126 Munday Tatia Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 126 Driscoll Tim Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 127 McDonough John Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 127 Babine Shawn Democratic Private
Representative -None- 128 Pendleton Peggy Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 128 Tallarico Leo Green Independent MCEA
Representative -None- 128 Most Sylvia Republican Private
Representative -None- 129 Freeman Harold Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 129 Barstow Christopher Democratic Private
Representative -None- 130 Farrington David Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 130 Harnden Ryan Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 131 Marean Donald Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 131 Breault Bonita Democratic Private
Representative -None- 132 Hogan George Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 132 Gombar William Republican Private
Representative -None- 133 Pilon Donald Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 133 Smit Linda Republican Private
Representative -None- 134 Valentino Linda Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 134 Cushing John Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 135 Beaudoin Paulette Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 136 Beaudette Stephen Democratic Private
Representative -None- 136 Mills Heather Unenrolled Private
Representative -None- 137 Seavey H. Stedman Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 137 Casavant Alan Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 138 Campbell Sr. James Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 138 Sloan Lacey Marie Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 139 Wagner Joseph Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 139 Jacobsen Lawrence Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 140 Connor Gary Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 140 Perreault Sylvia Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 141 Babbidge Christopher Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 141 Rheaume Kevin Republican Private
Representative -None- 142 Boland Andrea Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 142 Carr Robert Republican Private
Representative -None- 143 Tuttle John Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 143 Reagan Debra Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 144 Nass Joan Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 144 Chamberlain Donna Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 145 Burns Richard Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 145 Stone Oscar Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 146 Scharff Adam Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 146 Gould Bonnie Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 146 Burke David Unenrolled Private
Representative -None- 147 Cilluffo Anthony Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 147 Chase Kathleen Republican Private
Representative -None- 147 Fox Russell Unenrolled Private
Representative -None- 148 Beavers Roberta Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 148 Lewin Sarah Republican Private
Representative -None- 149 Hill Dawn Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 149 Moulton Bradley Republican Private
Representative -None- 150 Weaver Windol Republican MCEA
Representative -None- 150 Gregg Kinley Democratic Private
Representative -None- 151 Wheeler Walter Democratic MCEA
Representative -None- 151 Shwaery Glenn Republican Private
Senate -None- 1 Lemont Kenneth Republican DOI
Senate -None- 1 Bowman Peter Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 2 Wright Thomas Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 2 Nass Richard Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 3 Courtney Jonathan Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 3 Hanslip Joseph Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 4 Staples Amanda Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 4 Sullivan Nancy Democratic Private
Senate -None- 5 Hobbins Barry Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 5 Kewish Charity Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 6 Bartlett II Philip Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 6 Willett Jane Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 7 Bromley Lynn Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 7 Glynn Kevin Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 7 Louis Keith Green Independent MCEA
Senate -None- 8 Strimling Ethan Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 8 Babin David Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 8 Perchinski Kelsey Green Independent MCEA
Senate -None- 9 Fernald David Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 9 Brannigan Joseph Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 10 Edmonds Betheda Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 11 Turner Karl Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 11 Simpson John Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 12 Kelly Lani Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 12 Diamond Bill Democratic Private
Senate -None- 13 Medd Marjorie Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 13 Hastings David Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 13 Foley Nelson Unenrolled Private
Senate -None- 14 Bryant Bruce Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 14 Greaney Leonard Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 15 Snowe-Mello Lois Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 15 Desgrosseilliers Edward Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 16 Poulin Larry Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 16 Rotundo Margaret Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 17 Greenwood Randall Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 17 Nutting John Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 18 Gooley Walter Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 18 Holden Richard Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 19 Benoit Paula Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 19 Mayo III Arthur Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 20 King Kathleen Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 20 Dow Dana Republican Private
Senate -None- 21 Rines Brian Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 21 McCormick Earle Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 22 Savage Christine Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 22 Barrows Scott Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 23 Chase Gail Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 23 Weston Carol Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 24 Nutting Robert Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 24 Mitchell Elizabeth Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 25 Marrache Lisa Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 25 Davis Thomas Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 26 Hatch Paul Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 26 Mills S. Peter Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 27 Libby Jones Sharon Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 27 Smith Douglas Republican Private
Senate -None- 28 Fredette Kenneth Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 28 Damon Dennis Democratic Private
Senate -None- 29 Kadey Dana Unenrolled MCEA
Senate -None- 29 Finlay Thomas Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 29 Raye Kevin Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 29 Oden Nancy Unenrolled Private
Senate -None- 30 Schneider Elizabeth Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 30 Gibbs Deborah Unenrolled MCEA
Senate -None- 30 Joyce Patrick Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 31 Rosen Richard Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 31 Spellman Ruth-Marie Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 32 Perry Joseph Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 32 Farrington Frank Republican Private
Senate -None- 32 Desmarais Eric Unenrolled Private
Senate -None- 33 Poulin Mary Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 33 Plowman Debra Republican Private
Senate -None- 34 Sherman Roger Republican MCEA
Senate -None- 34 Beckwith J. Chipman Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 35 Martin John Democratic MCEA
Senate -None- 35 Martin Cathy Republican MCEA
Sheriff Androscoggin -None- Desjardins Guy Democratic Private
Sheriff Aroostook -None- Madore James Democratic Exempt
Sheriff Cumberland -None- Dion Mark Democratic Private
Sheriff Cumberland -None- Blais Edward Republican Private
Sheriff Hancock -None- Clark William Republican Private
Sheriff Hancock -None- Cole Terry Democratic Private
Sheriff Kennebec -None- Liberty Randall Democratic Private
Sheriff Knox -None- Ockenfels Alfred Republican Private
Sheriff Knox -None- Dennison Donna Democratic Private
Sheriff Knox -None- Butler Todd Unenrolled Private
Sheriff Lincoln -None- Brackett Todd Democratic Private
Sheriff Lincoln -None- Lewis William Republican Private
Sheriff Oxford -None- Wainwright Christopher Republican Private
Sheriff Oxford -None- Gallant Wayne Democratic Private
Sheriff Penobscot -None- Ross Glenn Republican Private
Sheriff Piscataquis -None- Goggin John Republican Exempt
Sheriff Somerset -None- DeLong Barry Republican Private
Sheriff Waldo -None- Story Scott Republican Exempt
Sheriff Washington -None- Smith Donald Unenrolled Private
Sheriff Washington -None- Merritt Rodney Republican Private
Sheriff Washington -None- Bunker George Democratic Private
Sheriff York -None- Ouellette Maurice Democratic Private
Sheriff York -None- Corbett David Republican Private


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