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June 9, 2017 Commission Meeting


Meeting of June 9, 2017 at 9:00 a.m.
Commission Office, 45 Memorial Circle, 2nd Floor, Augusta, Maine


1.  Request to Investigate Funding for the York County Casino Initiative

On April 6, 2017, Senator Garrett Mason and Representative Louis Luchini, the Senate and House Chairs of the Joint Standing Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs, requested that the Commission investigate the financing and reporting of the Horseracing Jobs Fairness Ballot Question Committee (BQC), which initiated a citizen initiative to allow slot machines or a casino to be developed in York County.  The BQC responds that it is in full compliance and no investigation is necessary.  The Commission staff will present the results of its preliminary investigation to the Commission and recommend that the Commission find that there are sufficient grounds to initiate an investigation to determine whether a violation occurred.

Commission Staff Memo to the Commissioners

  1. Flow Chart of Campaign Funding and List of Contributions
  2. Chronology of Events
  3. Laws, BQC Guidance Memo, and Rules
  4. Registration by HJF BQC
  5. Initial Campaign Finance Report by HJF BQC
  6. Corporate Listing for HJF Limited Liability Company
  7. Cover Sheets and Contribution Schedules for 10 Campaign Finance Reports (CFRs) by HJF BQC – as originally filed
  8. News Articles
  9. Amended Contributions for 8 CFRs filed by HJF BQC
  10. Miami Development Concepts (MDC) Articles of Organization and 2017 Annual Report
  11. Registration and Initial CFR by Lisa Scott BQC
  12. Registration and Initial CFR by MDC BQC
  13. Registration and Initial CFR by International Development Concepts (IDC) BQC
  14. Initiated Bill – LD 719
  15. 2003 Suitability Report by Harness Racing Commission
  16. Letter from Daniel P. Riley, Esq. - Correction of Client
  17. Commission Staff Letter to Cheryl Timberlake - Suggesting Meeting
  18. Typed Notes of April 6, 2017 Meeting with HJF BQC
  19. Request for Investigation by Sen. Mason and Rep. Luchini (including documents from Massachusetts OCPF)
  20. Commission Staff Letter to Bruce M. Merrill, Esq. - Requesting Response
  21. Commission Staff Letter to Alexis Fallon, Esq. - Requesting Response
  22. Response from Bruce M. Merrill, Esq.
  23. Response from Alexis Fallon, Esq.

Other Business

If necessary.