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Lobbying Executive Branch Officials and Constitutional Officers

The Lobbyist Disclosure Law was changed in September 2007 to include more governmental officials that are covered under the definition of "lobbying." Lobbyists now have to report their lobbying activity that involves a constitutional officer, a member of the Governor's cabinet and staff, and an official in the executive branch as well as officials in the legislative branch (a member, member-elect, officer, employee of, and candidate for the Legislature) and the Governor. The Commission has provided written Guidance on Reporting Executive Branch Lobbying.

“Official in the executive branch” means an individual in a major policy-influencing position in a department or agency listed in
section 959 or in Title 5, Chapter 71 and the Governor’s cabinet and staff.

"Major policy-influencing position” means those positions listed in Title 5, chapter 71 and officers or employees of departments and agencies listed in section 959 and in Title 5, Chapter 71 who have policy development as a major function of their positions.


The following is a list executive branch officials covered under Executive Branch Lobbying (current as of 12/08):

To scroll down to a list of agencies listed in Title 3 §959 click here

Office of the Governor

The Governor

The Governor's cabinet

The Governor's staff

Constitutional Officers

Secretary of State

Attorney General

State Treasurer

State Auditor

Major Policy Influencing Positions (Title 5, Chapter 71) [printable list]

Administrative and Financial Services, Department of

    Director, Bureau of Human Resources                                          

    Director, Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations

    Director, Bureau of General Services

    Deputy Commissioner, Department of Administrative and Financial Services

    State Controller

    State Tax Assessor

    State Budget Officer

    Chief Information Officer

Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

    Director, Division of Plant Industry

    Director, Division of Animal Health and Industry

    Director, Division of Market and Production Development

    Director, Division of Quality Assurance and Regulation  

Attorney General, Department of

    Deputy Attorneys General

    Assistant Attorneys General

Conservation, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

    Director, Bureau of Forestry

    Director, Bureau of Geology and Natural Areas

    Executive Director, Maine Land Use Regulation Commission

    Director, Bureau of Parks and Lands

    Deputy Director, Bureau of Parks and Lands

    Assistant to the Commissioner for Public Information

    Assistant to the Commissioner

    State Supervisor, Forest Fire Operations

Corrections, Department of

    Associate Commissioner for Adult Services

    Associate Commissioner for Juvenile Services

    Associate Commissioner for Legislative and Program Services

Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

    Director, Maine Emergency Management Agency

    Director of the Bureau of Maine Veterans' Services

Dirigo Health

    Executive Director

Economic and Community Development, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

Education, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

    Director, Planning and Management Information

Employee Assistance Program, State
(A division of the Bureau of Human Resources)

    Director of the Bureau of Human Resources

Environmental Protection, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

    Director, Policy Development and Implementation

    Director, Education and Outreach

    Director, Innovation and Assistance

    Director, Bureau of Air Quality Control

    Director, Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management

    Director, Bureau of Land and Water Quality

Human Rights Commission, Maine

    Executive Director

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

    Game Warden Colonel

Labor, Department of

    Director, Bureau of Labor Standards

    Executive Director, Maine Labor Relations Board

    Assistant to Commissioner for Public Affairs

    Deputy Commissioner

    Executive Director, Bureau of Employment Services

    Executive Director, Office of Operations

    Director, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

Lottery Commission, Maine State

    Deputy Director

Marine Resources, Department of

    Deputy Commissioner

    Chief, Bureau of Marine Patrol

    Assistant to the Commissioner for Public Information

    Special Assistant to the Commissioner

    Director, External Affairs

Professional and Financial Regulation, Department of

    Superintendent, Bureau of Financial Institutions

    Superintendent, Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection

    Superintendent, Bureau of Insurance

    Assistant to the Commissioner

    Administrator, Office of Securities

Public Safety, Department of

    Chief, Bureau of State Police

    Director, Office of State Fire Marshal

    Director, Maine Criminal Justice Academy

    Assistant to the Commissioner for Public Information

    Two Deputy Chiefs, Bureau of State Police

    Director, Bureau of Highway Safety

    Director, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency

    Assistant Director, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency

    Two Majors, Bureau of State Police

    Director, Maine Emergency Medical Services

Public Utilities Commission, Maine

    General Counsel - Public Utilities Commission

    Director of Finance

    Administrative Director

    Director of Technical Analysis

    Director of Energy Programs

    Director of Consumer Assistance

Secretary of State, Department of

    Deputy Secretaries of State

    State Archivist

Substance Abuse, Office of

    Director, Office of Substance Abuse

Transportation, Maine Department of

    Deputy Commissioners

    Chief Counsel, Bureau of Legal Services

    Assistant to the Commissioner

Workers' Compensation Board

    Executive Director

    General Counsel

    Deputy Directors

State Agencies and Independent Agencies (Title 3 §959)

Agricultural Bargaining Board

Arts Commission, Maine

Atlantic Salmon Commission, Maine

Atlantic State Marine Fisheries Commission

Baxter State Park Authority

Blueberry Advisory Committee

Capitol Planning Commission

Children's Trust Incorporated, Board of the

Civil Service Appeals Board, State

Claims Commission, State

Community College System, Maine

Cultural Affairs Council, Maine State

Dairy and Nutrition Council, Maine

Dairy Promotions Board, Maine

Dental Examiners, Board of

Development Foundation, Maine

Developmental Disabilities Council

Education, State Board of

Educational Loan Authority

Emergency Management Agency, Maine

Emergency Services Communication Bureau

Employee Health Commission, State

Environmental Protection, Board of

Finance Authority of Maine

Governmental Facilities Authority, Maine

Harness Racing Commission, State

Health and Higher Educational Facilities Authority

Historian, Maine State

Historic Preservation Commission, Maine

Historical Society, Maine

Housing Authority, Maine State

Indian Tribal-State Commission, Maine

Labor Relations Board

Land for Maine's Future Board

Library, Maine State

Library Commission, Maine

Lobster Advisory Council

Maritime Academy, Board of Trustees

Medicine, Board of Licensure

Mental Retardation, Advisory Committee on

Motor Vehicles, Bureau of

Municipal and Rural Electrification Cooperative Agency

Municipal Bond Bank, Maine

Museum, Maine State

Museum Commission, Maine State

Nursing, State Board of

Optometry, State Board of

Osteopathic Licensure, Board of

Pesticide Control, Board of

Pilotage Commission, Maine State

Planning Office, State

Professional Engineers, State Board of

Property Tax Review Board, State

Public Advocate, Office of

Public Employees Retirement System, Maine

Saco River Corridor Commission

Sardine Council, Maine

Science and Technology Foundation

Seed Potato Board

Taxidermists, Board for Licensing of

Telecommunications Relay Services Advisory Council

Turnpike Authority, Maine

Underground Oil Tank Installers, Board of

University of Maine System, Board of Trustees

Wild Blueberry Commission