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2004 Changes to Laws Administered by the Commission

Chapter 615 (L.D. 1339)
Requires the reporting of contributors' occupations and principal places of business for individuals who have given more than $50 to a political action committee (PAC). Clarifies that if a contractor or consultant hired by a PAC makes expenditures for goods and services, those expenditures must be reported by the PAC.

Chapter 628 (L.D. 1728)
Shortens the deadline for the reporting of large contributions and expenditures close to an election from within 48 hours to within 24 hours of the transaction. Authorizes the Commission to reduce the penalties for late filing if the amount is disproportionate to the size of the candidate's campaign, the level of experience of the candidate, or the harm suffered by the public. Permits the assessement of penalties for violations of the contribution limit, the late filing of reports with no financial activity, and substantial misreporting and false statements made to the Commission.