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2003 Changes to Laws Administered by the Commission

Chapter 81 (L.D. 454)
Authorizes the Commission to assess civil penalties for violations of the Commission Rules regarding the Maine Clean Election Act.

Chapter 268 (L.D. 1336)
Mandates that Legislators and organizations associated with them must file a disclosure statement with the Ethics Commission if they bid on a contract with a state agency.

Chapter 270 (L.D. 980)
Forbids a legislative candidate who was defeated as a traditionally financed candidate in a primary election from running for the same office in the general election as a Maine Clean Election Act candidate in a different party.

Chapter 302 (L.D. 659)
Establishes more frequent campaign finance reporting by state party committees.

Chapter 448 (L.D. 1196)
Expands the law of independent expenditures. Communications that name or depict a candidate in the last 21 days before an election will be presumed to be independent expenditure, which could trigger matching funds under the Maine Clean Election Act.

Chapter 453 (L.D. 1310)
Changes the amount of the initial Maine Clean Election Act payments that candidates for Governor may receive to $200,000 for the primary election and $400,000 for the general election.