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Supporting Maine Clean Election Act Candidates

Before Certification

Before the Ethics Commission certifies a candidate as eligible to receive Maine Clean Election Act funds, the candidate may collect limited private contributions (seed money contributions). Individuals may give up to $100 in seed money contributions to the candidate. In addition, registered voters may assist the candidate in obtaining public financing by making a qualifying contribution of $5 or more made payable to the Maine Clean Election Fund.

After Certification

After the candidate has been certified as a Maine Clean Election Act candidate, no cash or in-kind contributions may be given to the candidate. Certain goods and services are excluded from the definition of contribution, and may be provided to the campaign without compensation.

For example, supporters may spend up to $250 per election in organizing a house party, and may use their offices, telephones, computers, and similar equipment to support a candidate when the use does not result in additional cost. Party committees may provide certain services to the candidate, such as providing advice, or mailing a slate card, sample ballot or other printed listing of three or more candidates. For more information, please see What is and Is Not a Contribution.