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Contribution Limits (effective 1/1/2019)

Limits on Contributions to Candidates
Gubernatorial – Party Candidates $1,675 $1,675 $3,350

Gubernatorial – Unenrolled Candidates

N/A $1,675 $1,675
Legislative - Party Candidates $400 $400 $800
Legislative - Unenrolled Candidates N/A $400 $400
County - Party Candidates $850 $850 $1,700
County - Unenrolled Candidates N/A $850 $850
Municipal Candidates N/A $850 $850

A contributor may give up to the contribution limit in each election.

The limits apply to all types of contributors, including individuals, organizations, businesses, unions, political action committees, and party committees.

Contributions made to a particular candidate that are earmarked or directed through an intermediary such as a PAC or a party committee are considered contributions to the candidate, and are subject to the contribution limits.

The contribution limits apply to municipal candidates in certain towns and cities.

Note: An unenrolled candidate is a candidate who is not enrolled in one of the three officially recognized political parties in Maine (Democratic, Green-Independent, and Republican Parties). Unenrolled candidates are often referred to as "independent candidates."