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2010 Financial Disclosure by Executive Employees

Department/Agency Positions Person Filing
Governor Governor Paul R. LePage
Treasury State Treasurer

Bruce L. Poliquin

Amended 2/3/2012

Audit State Auditor Neria R. Douglass
Attorney General Attorney General William J. Schneider
Deputy Attorneys General Paul Stern
Phyllis Gardiner
Linda M. Pistner
Gerald D. Reid
Deputy Attorney General, Chief, Criminal Division William R. Stokes
Administrative and Financial Services Commissioner H. Sawin Millett, Jr.
Deputy Commissioner David F. Emery
Director, Bureau of Human Resources Joyce A. Oreskovich
Director, Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations Dan Gwadosky
Director, Bureau of General Services (Acting) Betty M. Lamoreau
State Controller Terrance Brann, Jr
State Tax Assessor (Acting) Jerome D. Gerard
State Budget Officer Dawna J. Lopatosky
Chief Information Officer (Acting) Gregory A. McNeal
Director, General Government & Natural Resources Service Center Denise Garland
Agriculture, Food and Rural Resources Commissioner Walter E. Whitcomb
Deputy Commissioner Caldwell Jackson
Director, Division of Agricul Resource Development Stanley Millay
Director, Division of Animal and Plant Health Robert I. Batteese, Jr.
Director, Division of Quality Assurance and Regulation Harold C. Prince
Conservation Commissioner William H. Beardsley
Director, Bureau of Forestry vacant
Director, Bureau of Geology and Natural Areas (State Geologist) Robert Marvinney
Executive Director, Maine Land Use Regulation Commission Catherine M. Carroll
Director, Bureau of Parks and Lands Willard Harris
Deputy Director, Bureau of Parks and Lands vacant
Director, Forest Protection Bill Williams
Assistant to the Commissioner Jeanne P. Curran-Sarto
Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte
Associate Commissioner for Adult Services Cynthia Brann
Associate Commissioner for Juvenile Services Bartlett H. Stoodley
Associate Commissioner for Legislative and Program Services Jody L. Breton
Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management Commissioner John W. Libby
Deputy Commissioner Peter J. Rogers
Director, Maine Emergency Management Agency; Robert P. McAleer
Director of the Bureau of Maine Veterans' Services Peter W. Ogden
Dirigo Health Executive Director (Acting) Ellen Jane Schneiter
Economic and Community Development Commissioner George C. Gervais
Deputy Commissioner Brian S. Hodges
President, Maine Technology Institute Elisabeth Biemann
International Trade Director Janine E. Bisaillon-Cary
Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen
Deputy Commissioner James E. Rier, Jr.
Director, Policy & Programs Deborah C. Friedman
Legislative Liaison - Team Teach Leader Gregory P. Scott
Environmental Protection Commissioner (updated 2/14/2012) Patricia Aho
Deputy Commissioner  
Director, Policy Development and Implementation James E. Dusch
Director, Bureau of Air Quality Control James P. Brooks
Director, Bureau of Remediation and Waste Management Ronald E. Dyer
Director, Bureau of Land and Water Quality Theo F. Brown
Director, Innovation and Assistance Julie M. Churchill
Director, Education/Outreach Samantha DePoy-Warren
Finance Authority of ME (FAME) Chief Executive Officer Elizabeth L. Bordowitz
Health and Human Services Commissioner Mary Mayhew
Deputy Commissioner, Finance  
Deputy Commissioner, Integrated Access and Support Barbara J. Van Burgel
Deputy Commissioner, Healthcare Management and Quality  
Chief Operating Officer William Boeschenstein, Jr.
Director, Office of MaineCare Services  
State Health Officer and Director, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention Sheila Pinette
Director, Office of Adult Mental Health Services Ron Welch
Director, Office of Adults with Cognitive and Physical Disability Services Jane Gallivan
Director, Office of Child and Family Services James E. Beougher
Director, Office of Elder Services Diana Scully
Director, Office of Substance Abuse Services Guy R. Cousins
Superintendents of Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center and Riverview Psychiatric Center

Mary Louise McEwen
Linda O. Abernethy

Clinical Director, Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center Marjorie Blue Snyder
Director, Legal Affairs Marina E. Thibeau
Director of Legislative Relations vacant
Director, Employee and Public Communications John A. Martins
Director, Interagency Coordination  
Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Commissioner Chandler E. Woodcock
Deputy Commissioner Andrea Erskine
Game Warden Colonel Joel T. Wilkinson
Director, Public Info & Education Edith A. Smith
Labor Commissioner Robert J. Winglass
Assistant to Commissioner Linwood M. Higgins
Director, Bureau of Labor Standards (Acting) Carl Michael Roland
Executive Director, Maine Labor Relations Board Marc P. Ayotte
Executive Director, Bureau of Employment Services (Acting) Dawn Mealey
Director, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (Acting) Elizabeth Hopkins
Director, Operations vacant
Maine Commission on Indigent Legal Services Executive Director John D. Pelletier, Esq.
Maine Human Rights Commission Executive Director Patricia E. Ryan
Marine Resources Acting Commissioner Patrick C. Keliher
Deputy Commissioner (Acting) Patrick C. Keliher
Chief, Bureau of Marine Patrol Joseph Fessenden
Special Assistant to the Commissioner Deirdre Gilbert
Director, External Affairs Ernest F. Stockwell, III
Office of the Public Advocate Public Advocate Richard S. Davies
Professional and Financial Regulation Commissioner Anne L. Head
Superintendent, Bureau of Financial Institutions Lloyd P. LaFountain III
Superintendent, Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection William N. Lund
Superintendent, Bureau of Insurance Mila Kofman
Assistant to the Commissioner Douglas A. Dunbar
Administrator, Office of Securities Judith M. Shaw
Public Safety Commissioner John Morris
Chief, Bureau of State Police Patrick J. Fleming
State Fire Marshal John C. Dean
Director, Maine Criminal Justice Academy John B. Rogers
Assistant to the Commissioner for Public Information Janet D. Joyeux
Two Deputy Chiefs, Bureau of State Police Robert A. Williams
Director, Bureau of Highway Safety Lauren V. Stewart
Director, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency Roy E. McKinney
Public Information Officer Stephen McCausland
Two majors, Bureau of State Police Raymond A. Bessette
Dale P. Lancaster
Director, Maine Emergency Medical Services John R. Bradshaw Jr
Executive Director of the Gambling Control Unit Patrick J. Flemming
Director of Emergency Communications Clifford S. Wells
Director, Bureau of Building Codes & Standards vacant
Director of Capitol Security Russell J. Gauvin
Public Utilities Commission Chairman, Commissioners Thomas L. Welch
Commissioner Vendean V. Vafiades
General Counsel Joanne B. Steneck
Administrative Director Karen Geraghty
Director, Electricity & Gas Faith Huntington
Director of Consumer Assistance Derek D. Davidson
Director of Energy Programs  
Director, Telephone, Water Utility Industries Andrew S. Hagler
Secretary of State Secretary of State Charles E. Summers, Jr.
Chief Deputy Secretary of State Barbara A. Redmond
Deputy Secretary of State Julie L. Flynn
Deputy Secretary of State Thomas S. Arnold
Deputy Secretary of State  
Deputy Secretary of State Donna Grant
State Archivist David Cheever
Transportation Commissioner David Bernhardt
Deputy Commissioner, Budget and Operations Bruce Van Note
Director, Policy & Communications Herbert J. Thomson
Chief Counsel Toni L. Kemmerle
Unemployment Insurance Commission Chairman Anthony J. Peverada, Jr.
Commissioner Edward C. Kelleher
Commissioner Patrick V. O'Malley
Workers' Compensation Board Executive Director Paul H. Sighinolfi
Deputy Director, Medical & Rehab Elizabeth A. Inman
Deputy Director,Business Services Terrie McLaughlin
Deputy Director, Information Management Paul J. Fortier
General Counsel John C. Rohde