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2014 Financial Disclosure by Executive Employees





Constitutional Officers



Paul R. LePage

Attorney General

Janet T. Mills

Secretary of State

Matt Dunlap

State Treasurer


Statutory Officer

State Auditor

Pola Buckley

Attorney General, Office of

Attorney General

Janet T. Mills


Chief Deputy Attorney General

Linda M. Pistner

Deputy Attorney General, Litigation

Susan P. Herman

Deputy Attorney General, Criminal

Administrative and Financial Services



Deputy Commissioner

David R. Lavway

Associate Commissioner, DAFS

Kimberly A. Smith

Associate Commissioner, Tax Policy

Michael J. Allen

Director, Bureau of Human Resources

Joyce A. Oreskovich

Director, Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery 

Gregory R. Mineo

Director, Bureau of General Services 

Edward A. Dahl

State Controller

Douglas Cotnoir

State Tax Assessor 

Jerome D. Gerard

State Budget Officer

Melissa L. Gott

Chief Information Officer 

James R. Smith

Director, Legislative Affairs & Communication

Alexander Willette

Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry


Deputy Commissioner


Director, Agriculture, Food & Rural Resources

Ellis B. Additon

Director, Division of Agricul Resource Development

Caldwell Jackson

Director, Division of Animal and Plant Health

Ann Gibbs (Acting)

Director, Div Quality Assurance & Regulation

Ronald E. Dyer

Director, Division of Forestry

Douglas P. Denico

State Geologist

Robert G. Marvinney

Executive Director, ME Land Use Planning (LURC)

Nicholas D. Livesay

Director, Division of Parks & Public Lands

Thomas Morrison (Acting)

Director, Communication & Special Projects

John C. Bott

Director, Forest Protection

William Hamilton

Ass't to Commissioner

Mari Wells-Eagar

Commission on Indigent Legal Services

Executive Director

John D. Pelletier, Esq.



Dr. Joseph R. Fitzpatrick

Associate Commissioner for Adult Services

Cynthia Brann

Associate Commissioner for Juvenile Services

Colin O'Neill

Associate Commissioner, Legis and Program Services

Jody Breton

Director, Charleston Correctional Facility

Chadwick Curtis

Director, Downeast Correctional Facility
Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management


Gerard F. Bolduc

Deputy Commissioner

Daniel Goodheart

Director, Maine Emergency Management Agency

Bruce Frederick Fitzgerald

Director, Bureau of Maine Veterans' Services

Peter W. Ogden

Economic and Community Development


George C. Gervais

Deputy Commissioner

Denise Garland

Director of Business Development and Innovation


Director, Community Development

Deborah Johnson

Director, Maine Technology Institute

Director, International Trade 

Janine Bisaillon-Cary




Deputy Commissioner


Director, Policy & Programs

Debra D. Plowman

Director, Special Services

Janice F. Breton

Director, Pk-20, Adult Ed & Federal Programs

Rachelle Tome

Director, Communications


Environmental Protection


Patricia Aho (2014)

Patricia Aho (2015-Final)

Deputy Commissioner

Heather Parent (Acting)

Director, Policy Development and Implementation


Director, Communications

Jessamine Logan

Director, Innovation and Assistance

Christopher K. Swain

Director, Bureau of Air Quality Control

Marc A.R. Cone

Director, Bur of Remediation & Waste Management

Melanie Loyzim (2014)

Melanie Loyzim (2015-Final)

Director, Bureau of Land and Water Quality

Michael A. Kuhns

Finance Authority of ME (FAME)

Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Wagner

Health and Human Services


Mary Mayhew

Deputy Commissioner of Finance

Alexander Porteous

Deputy Commissioner of Programs

Ricker Hamilton

Chief Operating Officer

Sam Adolphsen

Director, Legislative Affairs


General Counsel

Kevin C. Wells

Director, Office of MaineCare

Stefanie Nadeau

Director, Strategic Development

Strategic Reform Coordinator

Sheryl L. Peavey

Director, Office of Child and Family Services

Director, Communications

John Martins

Director of Media Relations and Policy

Director, Office for Family Independence

Bethany Hamm

Director, Multicultural Affairs

Julia T. Luengo

Director, Office of Substance Abuse & Mental Health

Sheldon Wheeler

Director, Office of Aging & Disability Services

Gary F. Wolcott

Director, ME Center Disease Control & Prevention


Director, Workforce Development

Barry MacMillan

Director, Program Initiatives

Tyler Storm Lamensky

Director, License & Regulatory Services


Superintendent, Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center 

Sharon L. Sprague

Clinical Director, Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center

Michelle Gardner

Superintendent, Riverview Psychiatric Center

Robert J. Harper, II

Inland Fisheries and Wildlife


Chandler E. Woodcock

Deputy Commissioner

Andrea Erskine

Game Warden Colonel

Joel T. Wilkinson

Director, Information & Education

Bonnie Holding



Jeanne S. Paquette

Deputy Commissioner

Richard Freund

Director, Legislative Affairs


Director, Bur of Employment Services


Executive Director, Office of Operations 


Director, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services

Director, Bureau of Labor Standards

Pamela D. Megathlin

Executive Director, ME Labor Relations Board

Marc P. Ayotte

Director, Unemployment Compensation

Laura L. Boyett

Director, Public Information

Julie Rabinowitz

Maine Human Rights Commission

Executive Director

Amy Sneirson

Maine Lottery Commission


Gregory R. Mineo

Marine Resources


Patrick C. Keliher

Deputy Commissioner 

Meredith Mendelson

Chief, Bureau of Marine Patrol

Jonathan Cornish

Director, State Marine Policy

Deirdre F. Gilbert

Director, Communications

Jeffrey Nichols

Director, External Affairs

Ernest (Terry) Stockwell III

Office of Policy & Management


Jonathan P. LaBonte

Office of the Public Advocate

Public Advocate


Professional and Financial Regulation


Assistant to the Commissioner

Douglas A. Dunbar

Superintendent, Bureau of Financial Institutions

Lloyd P. LaFountain III

Superintendent, Consumer Credit Protection

William N. Lund

Superintendent, Bureau of Insurance

Eric A. Cioppa

Administrator, Office of Securities

Judith M. Shaw

Public Safety


John Morris

Chief, Bureau of State Police

Robert A. Williams  

Director, Office of State Fire Marshal

Joseph E. Thomas

Director, Maine Criminal Justice Academy

John B. Rogers

Assistant to the Commissioner 

Gregory A. Couture

Deputy Chief, Bureau of State Police

Raymond A. Bessette

Director, Bureau of Highway Safety

Lauren Stewart

Director, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency

Roy E. McKinney

Public Service Coordinator

Stephen H. McCausland

Major, Bureau of State Police

Christopher Grotton

Major, Bureau of State Police Operations


Director, Maine Emergency Medical Services

John R. Bradshaw, Jr.

Executive Director, Gambling Control Unit

Patrick J. Fleming

Director of Emergency Communications

Clifford S. Wells

Director, Bureau of Bldg Codes & Standards


Director of Capitol Security

Russell J. Gauvin

Public Utilities Commission


Mark A. Vannoy


Carlisle McLean


David Littell (2014)

David Littell (2014-Final)

General Counsel


Administrative Director

Harry Lanphear III

Director, Electricity & Gas


Director of Consumer Assistance

Derek D. Davidson

Director, Telephone, Water Utility Industries

Andrew S. Hagler

Secretary of State

Secretary of State

Matthew Dunlap

Chief Deputy Secretary of State

Barbara A. Redmond

Deputy Secretary of State, Constituent Services

Melissa Couture

Deputy Secretary of State, Motor Vehicles

Patty A. Morneault

Deputy Secretary of State, Corporations/Elections

Julie L. Flynn

Deputy Secretary of State, Information Services

Donna E. Grant

Small Business Advocate

Margaret Schaffer

State Archivist

David Cheever

Communications Director


David Bernhardt

Deputy Commissioner

Jonathan Nass

Director, Policy & Communications

Theodore W. Talbot

Chief Counsel, Bureau of Legal Services

Toni Kemmerle

Unemployment Insurance Commission






Patrick V. O'Malley

Workers' Compensation Board

Executive Director

Paul H. Sighinolfi

Deputy Director, Medical & Rehab

Kimberlee K. Barriere

Deputy Director, Business Services

Deputy Director, Information Management

Paul Fortier

General Counsel

John C. Rohde