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2012 Financial Disclosure by Executive Employees

Person Filing:
State Treasurer
State Auditor
Attorney General
Attorney General
Chief Deputy Attorney General
Deputy Attorneys General
Administrative and Financial Services
Deputy Commissioner
Associate Commissioner, Admin
Associate Commissioner, Tax Policy
Director, Bureau of Human Resources
Director, Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations
Director, Bureau of General Services 
State Controller (Acting)
State Tax Assessor 
State Budget Officer
Chief Information Officer 
Director, Legislative Affairs & Communications
Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
Deputy Commissioner
Deputy Commissioner
Director, Division of Quality Assurance & Regulation
Director, Agricultural Resource Development
Director, Division of Animal & Plant Health
Director, Division of Forestry
Director, Bureau of Geology, Natural Areas & Coastal Resources
Executive Director, Maine Land Use Planning Commission
Director, Division of Parks & Public Lands
Deputy Director, Division of Parks & Public Lands
Assistant to the Commissioner, Public Information
Assistant to the Commissioner
State Supervisor, Forest Fire Operations
Commission on Indigent Legal Services
Executive Director
Associate Commissioner for Adult Services
Associate Commissioner for Juvenile Services
Associate Commissioner for Legislative and Program Services
Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management
Deputy Commissioner
Director, Maine Emergency Management Agency
Director, Bureau of Maine Veterans' Services
Dirigo Health
Executive Director 
Economic and Community Development
Deputy Commissioner
Director of Business Development & Innovation
Director of Community Development
Director, Maine Technology Institute
Director, International Trade 
Deputy Commissioner
Director, Policy & Programs
Director, Special Services
Director, PK-20, Audlt Ed & Federal Programs
Director, Communications
Environmental Protection
Deputy Commissioner
Director, Policy Development and Implementation
Director, Education and Outreach
Director, Innovation and Assistance
Director, Bureau of Air Quality Control
Director, Bur of Remediation & Waste Management
Director, Bureau of Land and Water Quality
Finance Authority of ME (FAME)
Chief Executive Officer
Health and Human Services
Deputy Commissioner, Finance
Deputy Commissioner, Programs
Chief Operating Officer
Director, Legislative Affairs
General Counsel
Director, Office of MaineCare
Director, Strategic Development
Director, Office of Child and Family Services
Director, Employee and Public Communications
Director, Office for Family Independence
Director, Office of Substance Abuse & Mental Health 
Director, Office of Aging & Disability Services
Director, Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention
Acting Superintendent, Dorothea Dix Psychiatric Center 
Superintendent, Riverview Psychiatric Center
Director of Workforce Development
Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Deputy Commissioner
Game Warden Colonel
Director, Information & Education
Director, Bureau of Employment Services
Director, Bureau of Labor Standards
Executive Director, ME Labor Relations Board
Director, Legislative Affairs
Deputy Commissioner
Exec Director, Bureau of Employment Services
Executive Director, Office of Operations 
Director, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
Director, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation
Director of Public Information
Maine Human Rights Commission
Executive Director
Chief Compliance Officer
position no longer exists
Maine Lottery Commission
Marine Resources
Deputy Commissioner
Chief, Bureau of Marine Patrol
Special Assistant to the Commissioner
Assistant to Commissioner, Public Information
Director, External Affairs
Office of Policy & Management

Richard Rosen Richard Rosen Amended 6/21/2013

(filed as former Legislator)

Office of the Public Advocate
Public Advocate

Timothy Schneider (current)

Richard S. Davies (retired)

Professional and Financial Regulation
Superintendent, Bureau of Financial Institutions
Superintendent, Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection
Superintendent, Bureau of Insurance
Assistant to the Commissioner
Administrator, Office of Securities
Public Safety
Chief, Bureau of State Police
Director, Office of State Fire Marshal
Director, Maine Criminal Justice Academy
Ass’t to Commissioner 
Deputy Chief, Bureau of State Police
Director, Bureau of Highway Safety
Director, Maine Drug Enforcement Agency
Public Service Coordinator
Major, Bureau of State Police
Major, Bureau of State Police
Director, Maine Emergency Medical Services
Executive Director, Gambling Control Unit
Director of Emergency Communications
Director, Bureau of Bldg Codes & Standards
Director of Capitol Security
Public Utilities Commission
General Counsel
Administrative Director
Director, Electricity & Gas
Director of Consumer Assistance
Director, Telephone, Water Utility Industries
Secretary of State
Secretary of State
Chief Deputy Secretary of State
Deputy Secretary of State
Deputy Secretary of State
Deputy Secretary of State
Deputy Secretary of State
Director of Constituent Services
State Archivist
Deputy Commissioner
Director, Policy & Communications
Chief Counsel, Bureau of Legal Services
Unemployment Insurance Commission
Workers' Compensation Board
Executive Director
Deputy Director, Medical & Rehab
Deputy Director, Business Services
Deputy Director, Information Management
General Counsel