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Forms and Guides for Gubernatorial Candidates (MCEA Financed)

Registration Forms - 2018

Registration Form

Declaration of Intent

Vendor Form (fillable pdf)

EFT Form (Direct Deposit) (fillable pdf)

Travel Log (fillable pdf)


Qualifying Contribution Forms - 2018

Qualifying Contribution Receipt and Acknowledgement Form

Request for Certification

Additional Qualifying Contributions Submission Form


Campaign Finance Reports and Filing Schedule

2018 Filing Schedule for MCEA Candidates

2018 Seed Money Report

2018 MCEA Campaign Finance Report

2018 24-Hour Report


2018 MCEA Gubernatorial Candidate Guidebook

2018 MCEA Gubernatorial Beginning Guide

2018 Gubernatorial Candidates Maine Clean Election Act Program Overview


Policies and Advice

Advice for MCEA Candidates Involved in PACs

Policy on Paying Campaign Funds to Family Members

Accepting Contributions from Foreign Nationals (FEC website)