Energy Assurance & Emergency Management Plan

The Governor's Energy Office is responsible for developing the State of Maine Energy Assurance and Emergency Management Plan to provide the Federal government, Maine Governor, the Legislature, the Executive Departments, the energy industry and the general public with a clear, concise and comprehensive blueprint and strategy to address a potential or actual energy emergency caused by:

  • a supply disruption;
  • a rapid and unsustainable increase in energy prices; or
  • other energy emergency situation.

Stakeholder Planning Process

Beginning in June 2019, the GEO established a stakeholder group to update the 2011-2012 Energy Assurance and Emergency Management Plan (EAP). Through this process the GEO is aiming to develop a concise document that can be utilized by all local, state, and federal agencies in the event of an energy emergency, as well as serve as a resource to increase energy reliability efforts statewide.

The GEO has partnered with the Maine Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) on this update and have contracted with TRC to shepherd agencies and stakeholders through the update process, as well as to provide technical assistance and guidance on content.