Home Heating Calculator

Typically, approximately 50% of the energy consumed in a home annually is for space heating. When deciding on a heating system, many factors will come into play: cost of fuel, installation cost, convenience and life style are all important. This calculator can help you estimate the cost of fuel for different heating appliances.

By factoring in the fuel price and the efficiency of the heating appliances, it allows you to estimate the cost of heating the "average" home (1500 sq. ft. ). An average, well-insulated home uses approximately 50,000 Btu per sq. ft., or approximately 540 gallons of fuel oil per year. This calculator does not include the cost of heating domestic hot water.

Choose your fuel type, then heating system or appliance. An average fuel price (based on the previous heating season) will display. Just change the price to reflect your most current fuel cost, and the approximate annual heating cost will be calculated for you.

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Annual Heating Cost:
(Average Home in Maine)

For more detailed calculations please download the Excel spreadsheet: heatcalculatorMEv3_1.xls