MEMSEd Update

December 18, 2017

TO: Services/Providers FROM: Maine EMS RE: MEMSEd DATE: December 18, 2017

We recognize that certain providers are encountering challenges with completing the 2017 Protocol update on MEMSEd. Maine EMS understands the frustration that this creates, and we want you to know that we hear you!

Shutting MEMSEd down now is not an option to complete maintenance that may or may not improve the situation. We can and are going to “streamline” the course. We are disabling the course evaluation portion of the program which seems to create some of the issues. When a provider completes the program, and passes the “quiz”, they should be brought back to the main course page and have access to the certificate of completion.

At times, issues related to the web browser prevent the provider from accessing the certificate of completion. In those cases, the user should log out of MEMSEd and then log in and go back to the 2017 Protocol Update Course and print the certificate from there. There should be no need to re-do the course or quiz.

To improve efficiency and resolve problems in a more effective manner if users encounter additional difficulty please ask them to email to or create a ticket at . Providers should include as much information as possible (e.g. user name, license number, etc) in order for us to resolve these issues. Maine EMS staff will respond to tickets in the order they are received. Individual provider calls do not allow us to identify trends within MEMSEd and the use of the Maine EMS Ticketing system will allow us to track common issues and resolve them going forward in the most effective and efficient manner.

We also ask that service chiefs use the public training portal for verification of course completion a provider is unable to produce the certificate. If the provider has completed the program, the training hours will appear in their completed training list.