Current projects

Here you will find samples of current OPM projects and some that were recently completed. OPM works across government to identify ways to make government work better.

Welfare to Work

In mid-March, the Governor's Office of Policy and Management (OPM) was asked to analyze the wage and employment experiences of Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDs) following Maine's decision in 2014 to no longer request a waiver from the federal ABAWD work requirement rule. We are pleased to present the results of our preliminary analysis here (PDF) and below.

Maine by the Numbers

  • Welfare to work infographic

    Welfare to Work

  • Jobs in Maine inforgraphic

    Mainer's are becoming more educated, doing more with less, and a majority of them are working in the Private Sector.

  • Growing population infographic

    Maine's Population Growth has to Come from Migration.

  • Maine LD1 infographic

    LD 1 charges the Office of Policy and Management with annually reporting the progress made by state, county, local governments, and school administrative units, toward reaching the tax burden reduction goal.

  • 2013 LD1 Infographic

    2013 LD 1 Progress Report.

  • Income and Education Infographic

    Maine Education and Income.

  • Maine Demographics infographic

    Maine has Smallest Population Growth in US.

  • Maine population outlook infographic

    Check out the latest infographic by the Office of Policy and Management! Using the latest demographic data available, this infographic will help Mainers understand more about the aging Maine population.

  • Maine budget woes infographic

    This infographic shows the $61.9 million revenue shortfall facing Maine as well as news about the revenue generated from Maine's income tax.