The State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines serves as a guide for state and local early care and education practitioners’ efforts to improve early childhood professional practice and programs for young children ages three through their entrance into kindergarten. This document considers the core elements contained in the State of Maine Learning Results (K-12). The Guidelines reflect current research on early learning and best practice in early education. The document can be used within and across a wide range of early learning settings—public preschool, Head Start, subsidized child care programs, private child care programs, nursery schools, family child care homes, and informal care settings.

The Early Childhood Learning Guidelines are intended to effect greater collaboration and consistency across systems by aligning practice across all early childhood settings and the early grades. 

Note: The document (and its appendices) provided here is the 2005 iteration of the State of Maine Early Childhood Learning Guidelines.  These guidelines are being revised to reflect current research.

  • Early Childhood Learning Guidelines - PDF (2.25MB), MS Word (211KB)
  • Appendix - PDF (145KB), MS Word (149KB)
  • Infants & Toddlers Learning Guidelines - PDF (1MB)




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