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K9 Team

The Maine State Police Canine Unit is currently comprised of twenty five certified Teams. The Unit is split into two separate but interrelated functions: Operational and Training. A Sergeant and one full-time Trooper staff the Unit. The K-9 Training Center is located adjacent to the Maine Criminal Justice Academy, in Vassalboro, Maine. At this location we are able to provide over 200 acres of available land for practical training, a canine agility/confidence course, a 1300 sq ft classroom / office building, and a 7,800 sq building. From this location we are able to provide support for our operational missions, both in terms of logistical support and equipment needs. We provide training for our own agency as well as numerous Municipal and County teams. 

Our teams are certified under the New England State Police Administrators Conference (N.E.S.P.A.C.), and Maine Criminal Justice Academy (M.C.J.A.) standards. Our teams are available 24 hours/day and respond to many types of calls in all weather conditions. Calls for service include tracking lost persons or persons suspected of committing a crime. Searching for discarded evidence, both known and unknown. Searching for suspects concealed in buildings. Locating prohibited narcotics hidden in vehicles, structures and on persons. Searching for explosives. Explosive searches are split between actual calls for suspected devices and precautionary searches for dignitaries and VIP’s. Our Patrol dogs also provide protection for their handlers and deterring ongoing criminal behavior. Our Cadaver teams (Human Remains Detection K9's) hold both an MCJA and an advanced NESPAC certification to detect human remains. Applications include both Land and Water searches. Their capabilities include open area searches, crime scene searches to include building, vehicles, fire scenes and water scenes.We also provide a public relations service to the citizens of our state by performing demonstrations, which exhibit the skills needed to accomplish our mission.

15 Oak Grove Road
Vassalboro, Maine 04989
Phone: 877-8013
Sgt. Scott Dalton