Troop G Weekly Report 12/21/2020 - 12/27/2020

On 12/26/2020, Tr. Vanadestine received a call from Augusta RCC regarding a suicidal male from MA traveling northbound on the Turnpike. Tr. Vanadestine located the male in West Gardiner and transported him to the hospital for an evaluation.

On 12/27/2020, Tr. Davis responded to a call of a female in the New Gloucester/Auburn area who was on the side of the highway calling for help.  Tr. Davis and Cpl. Physic had a difficult time finding the female due to her consistently hanging up on dispatch, far off the highway, and being in black clothing. Tr. Davis was finally able to locate an intoxicated female and she called for a ride. A male and female picked her up.  As she was heading southbound, the intoxicated female kept making calls to dispatch that she was feeling unsafe and arguing could be heard on an open line.  Cpl. Physic and Tr. Libritz caught up with the vehicle in Saco. All the parties were interviewed and it was determined no crime was committed. The female who kept calling 911 was picked up by her parents.